Ogryn's Slab Shield Doesn't Block When Pushing

As described, Ogryn’s shield doesn’t block melee or ranged attacks when pushing, it’s like the weapon disappears. It feels like inconsistent communication to the player since the shield is in block position (e.g., front, cover the screen) but not actually blocking.

I don’t mind that it wouldn’t block melee, but it feels super strange to have the shield posted in front of you, blocking all ranged fire, and then when you bump a melee enemy directly in front of you suddenly all the bullets can hit you, even though the shield is in the exact same position.

In the same vein, when charging the across-heavy, the shield covers your screen and blocks nothing. It feels strange with the shield in the correct position, but doesn’t actually stop anything. I think it’d be a great QOL to have it work slightly like Bretonian LS and block for that particular heavy attack.


Agreed, this is even more jarring behavior with the fact that in both Vermintide games pushing while blocking with a shield blocks attacks just fine.

If the Bulwark’s shield can block while its sprinting and climbing ledges, so should your shield. Of course, it shouldn’t block if you have no stamina, but that big hunk of metal in the middle of your screen shouldn’t let bullets just pass right through it because you’re not “blocking”.


Yes. They need to fix this. Pushing should not leave you vulnerable to all the gunners shooting you.