How to Fix Shield weapons in V2

in Vermintide 1 there was a trait called “Killing Blow” (15% chance to instant kill any enemy except bosses on hit) or ‘‘man sized enemies’’.

sure speed, damage & mobility could also be adjusted but this trait really was the only reason to use shield in the first game and would really help in Vermintide 2 also.

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Doesn’t change the fact that bringing a shield makes you more vulnerable to this game’s bosses than having literally nothing at all

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Shields honestly need a defensive advantage, not an offensive one. After all, defense is what they’re for. One or two more Stamina and a wider block arc do not compensate for the lack of mobility with shields. Bosses and Elites can beat down your defenses with one hit no matter how much Stamina you have, and Bosses also have attacks to damage you through your block. Disablers also need to be dodged, they can’t be blocked. Even when you know about it and can manipulate it, hyperdensity will occasionally happen and that will chew through your defenses just as easily. All these cause the very low mobility of shield weapons to be very punishing. My suggestion would be to address the first two by giving shields special resistances, and to try fixing the hyperdensity further.

There certainly is offensive trouble with most shield weapons too. That’s more a matter of huge difficulties against armor and hard-to-use strike patterns (bash as second heavy is very hard to use consistently and effectively) than any general killing power. Address those, and the offensive power of shield weapons is close enough to their unshielded counterparts to be usable.

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They need increased push power like in V1 as well

yeah atleast be able to block all boss attacks, like the smash from ogre & spawn

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Yeah, I mean, stormvermin shields protect anything behind them from bombs if the bomb aoe hit them first, so why don’t our shields protect us from aoe and stop cleaves like theirs do?

I think this is just an issue of shielded SV and pretty much stupid that they can block bomb explosion with shield. No need to add this feature to players shield. You shouldn’t be able to block for example dmg from bile spill.

I enjoy shield and axe already, but I do agree that the shield itself does not add a whole lot in general.

If it could block all boss attacks that would be great. It could also block assassin pounce and hooks from the front - which makes sense in so many ways. Then if an assassin or hook rat decides to silently phase through 20 slave rats via some sort of quantum physics, your front line shield user has half a chance of negating that.

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You know what would be cool? A trait that gives shields thorns so that any mob that attacks your block takes damage.

What if shields gave a damage resistance buff while you had it out. Something akin to foot knight or ironbreaker’s damage resistance. This can let you double down on defense with the tank classes or play a little more defensive on the squishier ones. Might not be the best idea but it could be useful.

One thing I would like to see is if shields can stop cleaving attacks from Stormvermin/Chaos Warriors and Maulers.

It’s already an odd design change from V1 to V2 where blocking an overhead or cleave doesn’t make it bounce/stop teammates behind/next to you eating the hit, so if shields can stop those attacks, that would be a nice niche use for them.

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