Storm vermin with shield have too much stam

Most hero classes cant brake even one stormvermin with shields block on there own, they become unkillable if left to fend one off by your self, 2h hammer on dwarf should brake there block but it cant no matter how much i spam attack them, they need a stamina reduction.

Stop spam attacking. I’m not good at this either but all weapons have a way to open up a shield vermin you just have to find the pattern, or play with a team where composition matters and someone else is opening them up for you. Arguably as Iron Breaker that is your job but… shield and axe do it easily and well.

We should not be asking to make all weapons do all jobs at at all let alone well.


The way stagger works your better off doing a large amount in a small window , and light attacks are about as far from that as you can get.
generally the blunter a weapon is and the more hands it needs to swing it the more stagger it inflicts . heavy attacks tend to be vastly better.

But the best weapon in your arsenal for staggering is the block>push and its most effective if its used while they are in the attack animation.

also bear in mind there is a time limit to how long something is staggered but that almost never gets reached because there is also a damage threshold and someone spamming light attacks will often wake them from a stagger before they even notice.

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Yeah, this is a large part of my I’m bad at opening up storm vermin with various weapons.

Shielded Stormvermin are ungodly overpowered, illogical, and immersion breaking. They have 360 degree block radius, infinite stamina, immune to fire damage, and ignore power attacks. Literally based on in-game evidence, Shielded Stormvermin are more powerful and more durable than Chaos Warriors, which makes no sense from multiple angles.

Mechanically, their broken mechanics also give all the mobs inside their models invincibility due to the game’s poor mob stacking design, which is both bad design and frustrating for players. From a gameplay POV, they are not interesting or skill-based, they do nothing but literally waste your time, requiring players to stop everything theya re doing to tag team these psuedo-mini bosses (pending your class/weapons).

It’s not ‘skill’ that Fanatic, Shade, and Slayer can obliterate them while everyone else is defenseless, it’s just bad game design.

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