One Player Remaining, 2 shielded Stormvermin


gg = git gud? :stuck_out_tongue:


How does one survive said encounter?



With fast weapon you can keep hitting / pushing both of them until one of them has their guard broken and then a quick charged attack on that one -> block -> repeat until finally they’re both dead. Takes forever but doable.

In theory the same applies when using a slower weapon like 2h hammer but I’m not sure it would actually be fast enough to manage 2+ of them…

I’d rather be left with a boss.


The problem I always seem to have, no matter what char, loadout etc. (other than handgun), is that I can’t get enough swings in on one to bring their shield down because I have to stop to block a swing from the other one.

Yeah, I have more chance solo against an ogre than 2 Shieldvermins.

That sounds about right. I have taken two of them on with dual daggers before, but those are fast enough that it’s easy to alternate hits between them and then charge attack whichever drops guard first.

With a slower weapon you can use push-stabs because the push will hit both of them, but that only works if a) you have enough stamina to keep push stabbing until their guard breaks, and b) your push is strong enough to stagger them out of an attack. So there’s quite a few weapons that would be insanely difficult or even impossible in this scenario…

If we were talking about 3 shieldvermins - I would generally agree. 2 are bearable.

Also the majority of actives could deal with them.

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All 2H Swords and anything with a shield comes to mind.

It seems that with some classes and loadouts this is literally an unwinnable situation.

  1. Use Zealot
  2. Equip Flail with max crit chance and swift slaying
  4. Bash their heads in in quick succession
  5. Success!

Sienna with a conflag stave. 2 shielded SV? She can take on the whole patrol using this stave :wink:

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Yeah, pretty much any of her staffs and a lot of running backwards…but the fact that there are many, many loadouts with which you will find this situation impossible to win and may as well just stop and let them kill you rather than waste your time?

I had a good experience with pushing them twice in sucession to open them up. Really usefull with weapons that are trash at opening them up with swings ( too slow or weak ).

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every hit they receive leads to a stagger state (if there is a big gap in the hits it replenishes) once you break that threshold they go staggered , pushing inflicts lots of stagger, pushing them while they are attacking inflicts tons of stagger.
once staggered they will stand there shield down for quite some time , unless you keep hitting them. so stagger one , stagger the second kill the first kill the second.
thats the absolute worst case scenario that works with no skills or special armour pierce weapons.


Get behind them and attack, lure them to a small ledge and hit them while they try to climb, knock them off a cliff, throw a bomb at them, overwhelm them with light attacks then headshot them.

Getting behind them doesn’t work…luring them to a ledge…well, they just follow you up the way you went so no climbing there unless you can use Handmaiden, Slayer or Zealot ult to get there. A bomb? Great, if you have one. Knocking them off a cliff might work but only works…if there’s a cliff.

Spamming light attacks doesn’t work because while you are hitting one the other will swing and interrupt your swings because you have to stop swinging to block.

It depends mostly on your weapon. You either can stagger them or you can’t.

Any active ability would also probably work.

There are some configs where you have literally no chance.

Is that OK with you?