Shielded Stormvermin mechanics

Shielded Stormvermin have a number of frustrating mechanics, among them;

-The ability to instantly turn 180 degrees to block an attack or ranged shot if otherwise unoccupied, even if unalerted.
-The ability to block and entirely negate certain Career Skills such as Bounty Hunter’s pistol.
-Near-immunity to heavy weapon attacks but vulnerability to light attack spam (ex: Sienna’s 2h mace is essentially helpless against them, which is counter-intuitive) whereas fast weapons like Slayer’s dual axes or Salzpyre’s Axe and Falchion will easily open them up and keep them open. This might be fixed by making weapons that break wooden shields get a high bonus to opening up Shieldvermin’s block.

All in all, shielded Stormvermin as they are feel more tedious and frustrating to fight, particularly during hordes, rather than an interesting obstacle. This effect is exacerbated when fighting them with slow weapons that would realistically be good against shields, or in-game are already good against wooden shields.

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They lack quite some offense but also got insane defense. Very challenging to slaughter even a single. In a balance wise indeed nerf is must or we should be able to disarm shileded black furls.

Just push them twice.


Lool and get hit by 20 raki up your arse

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