Shielded enemies

Would like to hear FS about the idea im throwing in:

Is there any way you could program shields to have a hitbox the size of that shield? I mean how cool would it be, if we were able to counter shielded enemies by sweeping their legs from under them? Using 2h hammer, sweeping enemys legs off and staggering it that way would lets us finish it off when it’s picking himself up by smashing it’s head in.

Now I think that would be really cool and make us more immersed in melee combat.
The more options we have at killing stuff, the more there is to master. Just smashing hammer on chest level few times and hoping the shield goes away and gets us the opening we need ain’t about skill.

This could also be aplied on bosses. Like Stormfiends little brother or w/e it is on it’s back. Trolls could take extra dmg from fire weapons? Etc…

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My only beef with shields is that, when i shove them back their animation LOWERS their shield. Yet i cannot hit past their shield. I believe this has a bit to do with what you’re saying. if their model lowers their shield, they shouldn’t have 100% shield anymore…

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