nvm this was a mistake. The Blaze Away blessing was viable as a melee bonus to the grenader weapon.


crafting an all lvl4 perk&blessing item is like trying to get the 5th stack on your weapon. brilliant.


They really do need an absolute overhaul of balancing for weapons, blessings, perks, and even curios (why do we need + xp?)


A lot of blessings/perks are also just plain boring. 15% more stamina whoop Di doodle doo. Omg 2.5% crit chance yaaaaaaay…


I’m fine with perks being just stat upgrades. They’re usually pretty meaningful and can help specialize a weapon againdt certain targets or give general bonuses which you have to choose between. I think the problem is that they seem worse/more boring because all the blessings considerably bland, when they should be the unique, playstyle altering changes to the weapon.

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i agree, perks are quite ok on weapons. there is hardly a bad one.

blessing on weapons are basically all usless except one giving tons of power and stacking it 5 times. 2nd blessing is just cherry on a cake.

Not only do we have +XP, it’s values are also stupid low. +XP could actually be kinda good if the values were 3X to 5X what they are now but ofc that’s only useful for as long as you’re leveling. They could make it “useful” by giving us the VT2 “leveling post max level” mechanic back and give us another Emp gift on levelup.

Not that I want them to do that, there are things you could do that are ten times better, but at least this would be a easy thing to add.

I’d personally like to see a 2X multiplier to scavanged crafting mats on levelup for the mission you finished to getsaid level up but oh well…


Fully agree. Most people do too. Still would get rid of the curio thing but getting past 30 has meaning now.

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