Being able to use your bots in ranked weaves on the consoles?

Can we get the use of our bots in ranked matches weaves since the game has little or no life left please ?

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Can we get a private weave game options at least ?


Using a little less hyperbole here, I have to second both of these notions.

I have a team of four doing weaves on weekends but it would be nice to play something other than quick matches during the weekdays. Allowing for bots in the ranked weaves solve this issue nicely, allowing me to pick specific weaves and team setups and not have to worry about people blowing up my run (looking at you Guy Who Insists on Picking Up The Barrels and Never Drops Them So They’re Constantly Blowing Up In Your Hand Man).

I lied, a bit of hyperbole up there…

Anyway, I’m running a Xbox One X with good internet connection so I can load into games quickly, but there are times when it takes people FOREVER to load into games, and it brings things to a crashing halt. If you only have 15 minutes and want to do a quick run, quickplay is the exact opposite of “quick” due to loading issues – ranked matches would solve this, and private matches would solve this issue as well. Either would be a good quality of life improvement…

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I 100% agree, can we get the devs thoughts on this ?

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I guess since were on the console we don’t even get a we’ll look into that.

As an aside can anyone tell me how many of these solo ranked weaves I need to do to get essences in normal missions? Just picked up the dlc today.

Don’t remember this being mentioned other than “acknowledged” on PC either, but they have to be aware of it.

As it seems console releases are lagging behind a bit, you should be seeing an improvement sometime in the future as currently on PC this is a lot better than it was some versions ago. It still does take a while, usually 5-30sec. When it was bad as you have it now, one guy joined our game for 10 minutes.

You could wait hours and hours and never find anyone simply put no one the console bought it or like to do the weaves , which i don’t blame them since you can’t find anyone and you can’t play buy yourself and just for one map isn’t worth $25