Been playing Helldivers 2 recently and

Is it really comparable though?
In HD2 they have seasons or “Warbonds” That can be earned in game. On difficulty 7 (my casual difficulty) I was able to find 20 super credits throughout the entire mission. Diff 7 is not everyone’s base, so can we assume the average is 10/mission? (Or does it not scale with difficulty?)

Anyway, at diff 7, it would take you 50 missions to get a new warbond. Plus all of the armors that cycle through every day in general requisitions. I have to wonder how many people fork up the cash for weapons that perform differently, different armor sets, grenades, and squad buffs.

Darktide does not have such a system. But, if they did, would you pay for it? Do you think others would? How could FS (using its current itemization process) implement this? Perhaps give out weapons that have the same stats per pack, but if you wanna find your own weapons you still roll? This way, everyone gets what they want:

RNG guys keep their RNG weapons and their search for quirky fun weapons, and then there’s the guys who want the “ideal weapons” in which, these packs would provide. Assume each pack costs 1000 units, Damnation nets you 20 units, Heresy, 10 units. And that’s if you find them.

What do you think? If you want FS to adopt the AH model, let’s talk about it as it would apply equally.

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It does not scale with difficulty. That is why the fastest way to farm Super Credits is on level 1.

This is actually a problem I have with HD, is that it punishes you for playing on higher difficulties by making SC harder to get. (I believe you can get 50-60 per mission? However lower difficulties with smaller maps will have to search less, and fight less to get that reward. Additionally lower level mission can be completed faster, which means you can get more SC as well).

And considering that weapons, grenades, and boosters are behind that system I kind of have a problem with it. I don’t want to spend an hour farming SC on a level 1 mission.

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Yeah they need to have SC as a base reward on higher difficulties. Especially as higher difficulties POIs spawn more stratagem weapons and samples. I usually did diff 2 or 3 with friends and got like 8000 SC farming with them before the exploit with saving mission states was removed.

On higher difficulties you’re avoiding POI’s a lot of the time because they’re not worth it. Not worth a bot drop and a bug breach for a stalwart hidden in there.

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Yup that’s exactly what I’ve found in my hours of POI drop rate testing. I did one last round after the Sony thing, before they walked back the login requirement and I’d already uninstalled for good.

Drop rates seem to be stable since launch, still about 33% chance per spawn point in a POI at level 1. Rare samples drop in POIs starting at 4 (iirc), so I’d expect the drop rate on 4+ to actually be lower. Never tested because solo farming at higher diffs is too much of a pain (and completely unnecessary).

Farming warbonds from POIs at level 1 still seems to be the fastest method for that too. Just ain’t much of a game!


I had success with groups of 2 or more on diff 3. You spread out in teams of 2 for the vaults (doors requiring 2 people). Avoid objectives and outposts/nests. Pick maps where the mission and nests are to the sides if possible to focus on the POIs. Pick maps with flat terrain and good visibility. You can crush it pretty fast. Even without mission stats saving, still faster to quit and not complete the mission and extract.

But think of the war effort, bro! :skull:

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That was past me… I got about 6 months before I may have to revert to my old ways… If they don’t change the SC farming to be equal as a rate per minute on higher difficulties :stuck_out_tongue:

Hate the game, not the player.


Wait are we still talking about HD2? I thought the game released in February?

We’re on the FS forums. Time is a loose concept here!


6 months into the future.

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Let’s start with earning Acquilas in-game :smiley: