Darktide is awesome

I love it.


We are approaching the moment where we go from undercooked to ready to serve, this latest patch added a lot of good things to the game. Oh and darktide is really fun.


Shoptide is like a candy with an amazing caramel core to it, but the problem is the extra outer shell of the thing since someone dropped it into the dirt and it’s covered in ants.



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I don’t know if I can call a Darktide with only 2 shovels complete but I am losing constantly and laughing the entire way which is what I want after 1000 hours.


Only a fool would deny themselves the extra protein, and besides, are you really going to lose to a bunch of ants?

Assert dominance, eat the whole thing, ants and all!

Preach it. Over 1200 hours in this game and I’m still enjoying myself. That’s actually something of a feat considering I generally have the attention span of a squirrel




It’s fun to play, but still too heavily flawed for me to recommend. Better optimization needs to be a priority, and of course gearing/crafting still being a slot machine mess. Beyond those issues, it just needs more content.

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I just finished my 500th hour.

And I’m still loving it, despite all its flaws.

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Superb. I applaud your subtlety.

Hah! Served.

I just hope FS invests a lot into a soft relaunch with a ton of content after they are finished dealing with the pain points that prevent it from reaching ‘good game’ status. It’s a game worthy of a much bigger player count.


The game is amazing. The kids who play the forums in here are nothing, but bad at games.


You tell’em, big spender!

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plot twist

Darktide does not require that much skill to begin with

Sorry to ruin your world

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Now there is fun for all skills.

Yes, the core gameplay is awesome, but the devil is in the details.

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My majorly overdosing on Hopium to the point of heart failure future:


Fatshark fixes the crafting by frontloading the RNG into spendable crafting materials which allows you to modify your all locked red rarity weapon as you wish and try out different fun builds.

The hub is made into a much more sociable environment instead of the deathly silent ice chamber it currently is. Monster hunter might be a good example to emulate.

A soft relaunch with the Xbox launch which includes 4 new classes + new biome type & maps + plague bearers (there’s a plague bearer skull on one dt map), rotflies (there’s a rotfly wing on one dt map), and nurglings (in VT2) + new story + new bosses. FS puts out a big advertising campaign which brings players back and Darktide achieves an average of 10k-20k players going forward.


possible new game modes:

A new game mode that adds random elements to the maps, taking different paths e.g. Start on one map end on another, the closest thing to map chunk generation without actually being that. This is just another slot like maelstrom on the board.

A new wave defense mode where you defend against waves of enemies in a fort with a team of 8 real life players and not bots. This is just another slot like maelstrom on the board.

A new chaos wastes like mode set on a space hulk. This is just another slot like maelstrom on the board.

A new PvPvE L4D style mode where you play as a traitor version of your character by sticking on some spikes and dirt, they “turned after being captured in a mission” kinda alternative timeline like how classes work in lore in vt2. Balanced with special modifiers. This is just another slot like maelstrom on the board.

A new PvPvE mode akin to dark and darker where you have to scavenge weapons across the map while fighting players and enemies. This is just another slot like maelstrom on the board.


I want a PVPVE like L4D in this game so badly. It’s so much more diverse and better if this were to have as Versus Mode.

One request, if they do add a Versus Mode like Left 4 Dead. Please make it so if you play as the heretics you can either toggle views or just be in 3rd person.

SO MANY PEOPLE WOULD PLAY VERSUS MODE. I bet you that those players would still grind the gear, despite being a bit annoying. Like in most “Loot Games” people will grind the hell out of gear even if it gave them a small slight advantage.

Versus Mode would just add so much more replay-ability. I would never get sick of it. Can you imagine being a Mutant and throwing people off ledges or near the Demon Host? If anything just add a Versus Mode. I don’t even care if we don’t get any benefits like resources (Plasteel / Diamantine) though it would be nice if they did.

Versus Mode can be competitive adding like points to decide which team will win in the end. Points can be determined by the following:

  • Distance traveled
  • Time of how long it took the team to clear the mission
  • How many rejects / players make it to the end
  • How many scriptures / grims the team brings
    - Scriptures can add like 25-40 pts each
    - Grims can add like 50-75 pts each
  • If they add Plasteel or Diamantine make them worth 1-5 pts for each pickup

Also please do NOT let players become the monstrosities. In Left 4 Dead when players became the “tank” it was really annoying because the tank would always just stall and in the end they would lose control or try and snipe from afar with throwing boulders. Very boring. Let the monstrosities be AI-driven and the heretic players would have to play around the AI Monstrosity.

These are just ideas. It definitely could happen and would be a great addition to the game. Even make it soft re-boot for all the players. L4D is great example of why the player-base is still so healthy. It’s because of the replay-ability it has.

It can happen, now that Darktide has Dedicated Servers. Whereas, in Vermintide 2 they didn’t and would be p2p.