Tired of toxic pessimists with their "oh noes, DT will loose it's player base in seconds"

This game is a masterpiece. There are lots of problems, but this game has the main aspect any game needs - some can name it “soul”, some may call it “fun delivery”, some may call it “gameplay”.
Darktide gives you FUN with it’s gameplay core - it’s interesting to kill enemies, it’s the best horde-gun experience since goddamn Painkiller that is. On higher difficulties you also need tactic, and this aspect can be modified even further with future updates.
Weaponry part is amazing, there are tones of details - the basic knife has something like THIRTY animations on it (all attacks, front and back holding e.t.c.). There is a WORKING HEIGHT SYSTEM - Does your character height matter? | #darktide - YouTube

Darktide has an amazing soundtrack. AMAZING soundtrack that is, thank you, Jesper Kyd.
Darktide has wonderful dialogs.
Darktide has ALREADY taken it’s place in history - games history, and W40K history particularly - 3D Kitbash | Darktide Scab Gunner - YouTube

Darktide gives you tones of basic fun, and already generates tones of good memes which is always a sign of a good game -

God, just in a previous match I met an ogryn with a name Cousin Ogryn…

And yet I’m already tired of reading these topics “there is no scoreboard (!!!), your game will have 0 players base next week”, “give me full stats rerolling, so I can get my +3% speed bonus and +11% health, otherwise your game will die, refunding”.
Maybe you would stop already, Jeez. Once again - there are problems. We need further optimization, we need good crafting system (getting trinkets upgrades by picking up scriptures, for example), weapon customization, more content, new difficulties and special modes (like fog and lights-out, for example - plague and / or toxic gas which makes you to wear gas mask that kills your fov for the whole match - that’s gonna be some interesting experience), and certainly new / improved / better penances. Yes, we need all of that. And Darktide team doesn’t look like a team that doesn’t listen to it’s players at all for me. So stop being that dramatic already, stop that “your game will die” nonsense, just say what you need. For me Darktide already stated that it’s not gonna die, which is good. Start could have been better, with less bugs, crashes, better optimization and so on, and yet we have a great game with great core gameplay and amazing tech-gothic style.
So really, start be productive and specific, stop being dramatic. Cheers.


How can you even call it a masterpiece with all the problems it have? I’d give it a 4/10 in it’s current state. You cannot with a straight face say it’s a 10/10.


How is the game a masterpiece? There’s too much missing.

Left 4 Dead is a masterpiece; the Tide games are quite good and Darktide could eventually become quite good too. But I really don’t think you can look at the whole Darktide experience and classify it as a masterpiece.


Idk, I love the game and have 4 characters at 30. Don’t have much reason to play at this point though.

I’m struggling to find difficulty 4-5 games on a Saturday. It keeps throwing me into empty lobbies. Endgame RNG loot grind is eh. Conditions don’t cycle frequently enough to keep the game fresh. The penances are not enjoyable. I’ll try difficulty 5 when I can get some friends together but otherwise it’s beginning to feel played out for me…

You acknowledge that it needs a lot of improvement in your post as if it that’s guaranteed. Who knows how long it will take for all that stuff to be implemented. I’m not holding my breath.


Few things make me retch more than bootlicks that excuse the game’s many, MANY anti-consumer regressions when compared to the previous games. That’s what everyone is so upset about. The previous games had awful grindy systems and terrible launches. And they were STILL better than everything in Darktide.


A lot of pessimism comes from both love and worry about the current and previous patterns and communications from Fatshark. If no one cared no one would post. Mindless adoration and glossing over any flaws benefit no one.


For no doubt, I always said “criticism is good, bootlicking is a killing method”. But once again - criticism, not dramatic cries “your game will diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie”. There is a difference between those two.


Masterpiece ? You made me chuckle. Sure, the game has it’s ups and a lot of downs, but people should voice their concerns as they paid 40 bucks for it. VT1 and VT2 had similar launches so the majority of the people thought that fatshark would have learned their lesson by now. But no, their 3rd installment shared the same fate. Feels like 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

I’ve done everything on my zealot. Preacher penances done, damnation done. What now ? I’ve lvl’ed up ogryn, pshyker and vet up to 12-13, but i couldn’t go through the whole lvling process. Missing features like actual crafting, no shared mats and gear, the rng of the armory, the rng of emperors gift…just burns me out.

Went back to VT2 to play the new dlc and lemme tell ya…feels superior to DT.


Gameplay is good. But masterpiece? Masterpiece is only granted to things where the entire package as a whole becomes it. DT doesn’t come close.

If you pay attention to complaints you see a lot of them actually praise the gameplay. It’s just everything else that’s lackluster.


And I’m tired of people using “toxic” for everything


A masterpiece in this context would be something that iterates upon its predecessor in a way that it improves upon it while giving you something fresh. I want you to go play Vermintide 1 or 2, come back, and tell me with a straight face if Darktide does any of that.


Pretty much this… everyone’s acting like the game will end it’s life cycle in any moment. Give it time and it’ll improve. Reddit and the general forums are peak representation of how butthurt people can be.


I could write a novel, but the long story short is that VT2 offered a lot more, even at release. 15 classes, unique bosses, completely unique maps that didn’t overlap, etc. I could stick around to try and earn red weapons, cosmetics, finish challenges and try different classes there. None of that here.


Because the game was pulled out of the oven early and it shows, the base gameplay is great but the levels weren’t properly set apart from one another in terms of player experience or events. Its just hang out here and kill stuff while you jam to Jesper, only the servo skull has the feeling of cool and unique/finished. The new item systems are slapshod collectathons with even less engagement than a dumb grim jump puzzle you dreaded repeating. The new crafting is missing almost all features and they continually announce that it will not improve as they roll them out.

Speaking of crafting, just acquiring a weapon is a tedious lottery of even obtaining something you would like to use, let alone something of high quality. But it was nice of them to let me go to the paid store from the sign in board and not the armory, the place I actually need to check on starting the game. Must be immeasurably complex, or this is literally that Morningstar experience they drummed up that has amounted to a less interactive keep you need to run ages to complete any game function they could have just put on a menu.

Its a good thing they are listening to the community and giving us the rest of the advertised/datamined content instead of charging for that too, I guess we can be grateful for that. A year or so of the content service gone to delivering just what people saw mentioned in the beta.

The reason people are mad is because the game was launched so early despite the delays. I could honestly forgive the content shortage, if I could get around to playing the content. But no, mission board, can’t just load up and play any of the maps I’ve discerned some difference in and prefer. And never having any item I feel like playing with or I’m stuck on a loadout because nothing able to play my preferred difficulty has dropped.

Played both for a long time.

And you found DT to be the masterpiece of ‘em ?


I find DT a masterpiece itself, without comparing. I find DT’s core a masterpiece - which doesn’t mean DT has no big amount of problems and doesn’t need content, content, and content. The fact that I absolutely love DT’s gameplay, atmosphere and design doesn’t I mean I love those two bosses-clones and currently low amount of different levels. I just understand those are problems that can be - some more, some less - easily fixed, with content updates, dlc’s e.t.c. When the game lacks it’s core, when the game is boring itself, when it’s design is mediocre - no amount of new maps, missions and weapons can fix anything.


It’s baffling how you could call it a “masterpiece” while at the same time acknowledge it has quite significantly flaws. Taking what sounds like it basically amounts to “I like it, it’s fun!” and just glossing over all those big problems to call it a “Masterpiece” seems like quite a low standard for what that means, really.



I wanted to add my voice to the chorus, everything I got to say about the game has been said in several topics in a much more detailed way, so I’ll try to be brief.

The core gameplay is epic fun, and lasted for me for 90 hours. With lvl 30 Veteran and Preacher and 20+ Ogryn though, I’m now bored since I feel there’s very little in terms of meaningful progression, new things to see or try. I could for a while enjoy the higher difficulties, but with few friends playing and PUG’s on Heresy+ being prone to frustration (not to mention that great many lvl 30 players seem to be speed running difficulty 2), I’m going to skip that for now and play something else.

The list of things I’m waiting to get fixed to resume playing Darktide follows:
*Itemization, all of it. RNG store is bad, much of the perks are bad and pointless., RNG extra drops are bad. No crafting, and the promised reroll one, but only one perk are bad and baffling.
*Weekly quest RNG and many of the actual quests are bad.
*Mission window feels like it was created to do something that just isn’t there, the RNG of available missions is bad, rewards and RNG for secondary objectives, bosses and modifiers is bad.
*Penances are mostly just bad.
*Lack of private groups, chat, personal statistics, all bad.
*FOMO cosmetic shop is bad

The crucial thing for me is the complete RNG nature of everything that you can do on Mourningstar. If I want to try a weapon I previously skipped but someone totally pwned with? Wait for the RNG to even get me one, nevermind if it’s any good (since I can’t work on upgrading it.) If I want to complete the weeklies because I’m a hopeless completetionist? Tough luck, no secondary objectives available for the map I needed this evening.


You can’t say something is a masterpiece on its own. :joy:

A work becomes a master piece (a piece of work that goes above and beyond the genre) when compared to its peers. In a vacuum, where Darktide is the ONLY game? Okay, sure. I guess.