Beastmen in Enchanter's Lair


why there are only Chaos in Enchanter’s Lair?

it would be nice to have beastmen to fight too,
I have winds of magic,

what is the problem?

thnaks for reading

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Honestly I prefer to see only Chaos


Lore reasons


Beastmen don’t like being inside buildings? Also they suck?


Oh hush, @Argonaut14 & @Perteks , you know the lore.

“And it was then that the beastmen went and hid in the basement of the Drachenfels, waiting for five particularly unwise mortals to come into the building.” Etc etc.

But really, I think it’s pretty normal to have a boss-fight only contain troops of the associated faction. Bubble-Butt and Bödvarr both only summon chaos-men of Nurgle, Skarrik and Rasknitt only summon Skaven, and I think it then makes sense to only have the Enchanter summon chaos-men of Nurgle.


Same reason why we don’t see chaos/skaven in Dark Omen beastmen exclusive part of the map except for the specials lawl because Beastmen will always remain an incomplete faction.

I don’t remember seeing any specials in the end event apart from the banner-bearers…

Please, god no let it just be a themed map.


Because there are none. The Beastmen wouldnt let them close to the Herdstone. In the regions before up to the burned forest they tolerate the Skaven and Chaos Scout Units because they are associated with Chaos.

And it makes sense that there are Skaven and Chaos scout units because a fricking meteor crashed into the Reikwald. Every close by faction would at least sent some special envoys to check on the situation. Lohner did the same.


Not in the boss fight but in the forst part of the map
it’s nice to fight other enemies, at least for wom owners

Because of lore reasons.
Beastmen despise buildings and anything related to civilization. They like caves, but anything built by civilized men, elves, dwarfs or others makes them see red.
They’d rather tear the castle down, but alas, they can’t, because the castle is alive and repairs itself. Instead, they’d patrol the outside and look for innocent passerby’s, which makes sense, because only the brave or stupid (or both) would enter Castle Drachenfels. Anyone with half a brain would rather take the path around.

At the most basic level, it’s because they hate being inside and they’d catch more fish outside than on the inside.