Bardins Ranger Career isnt good enough

His Passive Skill doesnt drop enough ammo on its own.
I think he should randomly drop betwen 3 and 6 bullets/arrows for every ammo drop. (more on the talents later)

His Career Skill isnt doing enough on its own, the range is too small and there is no indication how far you can go without leaving area that conceals you. So maybe increase the range and add an indicator for him on the ground. (more on the talents later)

Lvl 10 Talents
Last Resort should be increased to 20.

Lvl 15 Talents
Grungnis Cunning should be replaced with something that only benefits him. Something like all ranged weapons ignore armor.
Master Brewer should drop a red potion that has all 3 effects.

Lvl 25 Talents
Rangers Ambush should be replaced with a Talent that debuffs enemys which got hit by the smoke which causes them to recieve 20% more dmg while the smoke is active.
Catch a Breath should also remove the death status on next down.

I like the running and gunning aspect of ranger a lot it’s just the ultimate is so unreliable and is actually what personally gets me killed a lot, enemies whacking you during it’s cast or continuing to target you despite you being invisible. If it were an instant cast and a guaranteed knock back to everything around you that would really help ranger a lot i think, like i figured his ult was suppose to be a tool to give him some breathing space and stuff but it’s very bad at that.

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