Band-Aid for Crafting system. Bribe Hadron Option!

Here is a state of crafting materials for regular player (not me though - i have less Diamatine stashed), who do high tier missions and a lot of crafting.
Does not look right? Clearly there is something wrong. Even with last generous boost of amount of obtainable crafting materials from missions, there is still severe lack of Plasteel (for Hadron’s slot-machine that requires a LOT of it) and overabundance of Diamatine (for same Hadron’s slot machine).
This is not a a healthy state for crafting system. Please do something reasonable about it, Fatshark!

I propose a Band-Aid solution to this problem and slight improvement to slot-machine-crafting-system to make it slightly less frustrating and more respectful to players effort.

Bribe Hadron option in her crafting menu!
Since it’s stated that all improvements are made by Hadron’s choice, it make sense - that there can be an option to influence her choice. For example - paying some amount of Diamantine to Hadron make certain perks and blessing of your choice more likely to appear, and preventing roll lower than T3 both for perks and blessings. Still slot-machine, but with more player’s agency and with a use for abundance of diamantine.

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I wrote this some time ago
Give us option for the following:

  1. Hadron can increase base item level = 1 level * 10diamantine. So a 330 weapon needs 500 diamantine to get to 380
  2. Hadron can increase the level of perks and blessings = 1 level * 50 diamantine for perks, *100 for blessings
  3. And/OR you can purchase blessings for 1000 diamantine a blessing

Good! More ideas for crafting system improvement! Thank you!

I like all those idea. I would have an option to pay to unlock a blessing but I don’t have hight hope.

And one to get a blessing from a weapon while preserving said weapon.

Crafting option to strip weapon of all it’s blessing and perks back to grey also was suggested quite a few times. Obtaining a high roll with right stats distribution is like winning in lottery. And seeing it turn to trash by “Hadron’s selection of improvements” is soulcrushing and frustrating beyond reason. Option to do-over for a price will remedy that.


Varlet! The Omnissiah watches :eyes:

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