Ban £$%^& from hosting!

So there are a couple great things about Vermintide hosting (and I may be wrong, so anyone should feel comfortable correcting me), buy my personal favorite is that there is pretty good fault tolerance. In this sense, if someone has a momentary lapse in internet connect or drops 30% of packets for a second, the game doesn’t just instantly disconnect. The reason I mention this is that the vast majority of people aren’t having internet problems when they DC a hosted game.

Unfortunately, VT2 can crash (perfectly stable games are utopian, so this is totally okay), internet can drop completely, or someone could run into the room with a molotov and threaten to burn a house down. I’m guessing that 20% or more of people that leave games like that when they didn’t intend to.

The long and short of my statement is that we would be punishing a lot of people who don’t deserve it if we do enable a punishment system like that. However, this does bring up a prior topic. Point 5 is very relevant:

A great way around this is to not punish players for leaving but, instead, we help support the other players and try to migrate the host without restarting the level. It’d be difficult to implement to say the least, but it would be cool if it worked!