Backend Error: SSL_connect_error

I just got this game, but I haven’t yet managed to get into 2 consecutive games. If it doesn’t crash and show this “Backend Error: SSL_connect_error” in the beginning right before the main menu even appears, it will most certainly show it right after I finish my first game… I saw a few forum posts about similar errors and it had to do with the Russian government banning some IPs. Thing is though, I’m in Cyprus. I’m attaching today’s console logs, since I only played this today and yesterday. There are one or two runs that worked, and I completed a game, but most are of failed attempts, that is me not even getting through to the main menu… Any help would be appreciated!

console-2020-09-06-09.49.17-0600b4ef-5fe7-4342-af8e-17739ca65b83.log (43.7 KB)
console-2020-09-06-19.08.29-6474fc4c-cc50-40f9-aeb2-a944efed98ef.log (47.2 KB)
console-2020-09-06-19.14.47-0a2a26ba-2073-41cb-a3d1-5570c755fd8a.log (44.3 KB)
console-2020-09-06-19.35.17-7fed0b9f-03b5-4bd5-8564-8625247129f1.log (1.2 MB)
console-2020-09-06-08.08.53-5bce8c7f-54ca-43b7-9e28-fa4810cf508c.log (471.8 KB)
console-2020-09-06-08.36.39-5d080a37-4a34-437f-aa22-451438621529.log (559.6 KB)
console-2020-09-06-09.10.24-45f964ee-81ed-478c-ac6a-4302df11dd1d.log (45.8 KB)

Do Cyprus and Turkey share the same ISPs? In which case, have a look at:

Also, an update, don’t know if it counts, but one time I managed to connect and played only with bots, and still got the error in the end… Here’s the console log
console-2020-09-08-19.06.59-185826e2-e98b-4d4f-b12c-3d8899470244.log (549.1 KB)

The link in the article is opened secure for me…

Hmmm. Are you using anything that could be potentially interfering with your connection to our servers, such as a VPN?

No, nothing like that…

No chance of me playing the game, huh?
Shame, since I really like this game

Sorry for the delay @Maskian. I think the best option here would be to contact your ISP (referencing They will ultimately be best suited to assist with this.

There are some solutions you could try here, but I think your issue is beyond that:

Ok, thank you for your support, I will look into it

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