South Africa: Backend Error : SSL_CONNECT_ERROR


Please help me solve this issue. My friends and I bought this game on steam sale, all of us are getting Backend Error : SSL_CONNECT_ERROR at random points in the game. Sometimes while waiting for game to load, sometimes in the middle of a level. This page loads fine and shows encryption etc. I have no anti-virus software, just windows defender.console-2020-04-04-22.53.43-b0f2adf1-048c-4a44-b1c3-cac81e4578e7.log (42.3 KB) console-2020-04-04-22.56.12-1593c64f-b64d-4b3f-b24a-6f0549d91836.log (42.4 KB)

We are all playing from South Africa.

So the error occurs on everybody?
Was everybody hosting at some point or just one?

Firstly, are you using a VPN, or anything else that could potentially be interfering with your connection to our servers?

Secondly, have you made any changes to your computer’s hosts? (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc)

Lastly, it’s always worth scanning your PC for viruses and malware.

I should add - if the error is occurring for all of you, and you’re all using the same ISP, I’d recommend that you contact your ISP and explain your connectivity issues to . They may be able to identify the issue on their side.

Hi there, thanks for the response!

We’ve been playing for the last few days and we all love this game. We are four friends playing, one from Cape Town and the rest from Pretoria. We’ve been able to complete many missions but this problem occurs intermittently and happens at different times for all of us. It also hardly ever happens during a mission, so once we load into the map everything seems to be fine. If we stay in the keep and do inventory, crafting or cosmetic actions it happens at least once every 10 minutes and sometimes 3 or four times every 5 minutes which is very frustrating. Once we get kicked out, and try to log back in it sometimes takes up to 3 or 4 attemps before a successful login - mostly the same back-end error.

We are not using any kind of VPN.
We are on different ISPs.
I’ve not changed any host settings as you indicated.
I have absolutely no connection problems with other online games such WoW, Dota 2 etc.
I’m not running any virus software apart from standard Windows Defender, neither is my brother who is playing with us - same issue.

Is there anything else we can check?

Vermintide 2 does not utilize dedicated servers. So one of you has to host the game. Now who is hosting it? Who is the one starting the Lobby? Is it always one specific person? (the hoster has a little crown on his hero symbol on the left).
Would be interesting if we could isolate the issue to one specific hoster.


I just want to give some feedback. For whatever reason, since 2 days ago the issues we’ve been having have been much better. We now get the backend error maybe once an hour.

I’ve not changed anything, neither has my friend, so I guess we have no idea what it was. Thanks anyway.

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