Backend error:SSL_connect error From Turkish player

i know its probably because of my internet service providers i called them and disabled safe internet service and i still cant enter to the site called should i send u guys my configs please i wanna play this game so bad

Have you recently made any changes to your computer’s hosts? (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc)

I ask as changes to the hosts can result in this error.

Otherwise, I can only recommend that you continue to press the issue with your ISP. :frowning:

in the file u given of adress of it didnt inlude so the problem is not hosts and i contant ISP and i remove safe internet service so i can enter some spesific forbidden sites so my 2 questions are should i give you my configs and other one is do u have a guess about if u can solve this backend error:ssl connection problem completely in future for any players so i will decide whether i will refund the game or keep it in my library thank you!

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. I take it you’ve made no changes to your computer’s hosts?

Unfortunately, this is a localised issue that we aren’t able to solve on our end.

Hello Emir,
Did the ISP actually check if the connection gets blocked on their site or just told you to use this safe internet service setting?
I would advice you check with your ISP again. I don’t think they actually checked if it gets block in their end.

Did you try out a VPN?
Using a VPN could bypass a block on the ISP?

i did use vpn it didnt bypass but ill try to contact them again and let u guys know about that btw if i can enter this i can simply enter the game as well right ?

OK! i fixed thanks to you guys! i dont have this error anymore adopt that world im finally free to play this game take care you guys ! greetings from Turkey xd im so happy to solve that @FatsharkJulia @DatDing15

Glad it works now.
Would you mind telling us what fixed it? Did you talk with your ISP again?
Or did you do nothing and the problem solved itself?

This time i went for online service stuff i entered my internet account then i went to safe internet services page and i clicked on remove safe internet service option so game server can respond my internet.

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