Back End Error SSl_Connect_Error

I bought the game about 3-4 years ago. I havent played it since 2020. There was no problem when I run the game before but I got ‘Back End Error SSl_Connect_Error’ when I launch the game. I cannot even see the main menu only option is to quit the game. Here is my logs and Steam account as well. Thanks a lot in advance.
console-2021-02-08-08.36.24-4fe3ff7f-13ee-465c-a438-fe3dd8004a0a.log (81.5 KB) console-2021-02-08-08.38.32-c4704327-22d2-4279-ba17-44db4eaecc64.log (83.1 KB) console-2021-02-08-08.43.50-5d3b5a9b-0018-41ed-89cb-4ef1f7dea99e.log (46.4 KB)
Steam Account : Steam Community :: KIZILCA


I can see you are playing from Turkey. I recommend checking out this article:

Is your ISP blocking connection?

Yes, when I try to open site. It gives ‘This site cannot provide a secure connection’ error. So what should I do right now ?

Gotcha. In this instance you’ll need to contact your ISP directly about this. You can quote our backend endpoint URL:

Ask them to explain what the reason for blocking the connection is, and for them to address the issue.

Thanks a lot . I have solved my problems.

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Glad to hear you could solve it @KIZILCA :slight_smile:

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