Autogun still weird: CONSTANTLY messing with bolt for no reason

This car is engineered like the autoguns.

Autoguns are still really weird, but if anything are now worse as we have more examples.

Every time we take the autogun out, the guy works the bolt, which in real life would eject a round for no reason. If you took the autogun out as many times as you have round in the magazine, you would have an empty magazine.

A semi automatic weapon of any kind has a round in the chamber and the rest of the rounds in the magazine. Rounds in TWO places. The movement of the bolt is to move rounds from the magazine to the chamber. Opening the bolt removes rounds from the chamber and ejects them out the side of the weapon. Closing the bolt moves a round from the magazine to the chamber.

You cannot work the bolt of a loaded weapon without removing rounds from the weapon.
You cannot work the bolt of a loaded weapon without removing rounds from the weapon.
You cannot work the bolt of a loaded weapon without removing rounds from the weapon.

And now we have confirmation that autoguns are modern rifles. We can see the rounds in the magazine.

This is the headhunter autogun. When it is loaded, the magazine is replaced, and then the bolt operated. This happens even if the weapon is still loaded. This is even more backwards then the mp-5 reload of ‘open bolt, drop magazine, insert new magazine, close bolt.’

Guns are machines. They have to be built a certain way to work. We can see enough of the way these guns are built to tell how they must work, but the animations do not align with the design of the weapon.


Most Americans have some experience with guns, many have a ton of experience.

This is going to drive people nuts, like that car I put at the top.


It has been brought to my attention that when you run out of ammunition, go to the sword, and back to the rifle… you operate the bolt as always, even with the weapon empty, and only then go into the reloading animation.

oh boy…


Well you just have to check whether your faith in God-Emperror is strong enough to have put another round in while you weren’t looking.


dear fatshark,

can we PLEASE have realistic animations for tkaing out the weapon? i get you may want to change the speed, but at least have the animation make sense?


Why do you want realistic animations in a fantasy game with fantasy weapons? They should focus on making the guns fun to use.

Because the current weapon animations are a jarring reminder that I’m playing a fantasy game with fantasy weapons.

Having your suspension of disbelief broken every minute makes the weapons less fun to use.


I don’t think the problem is that the animations aren’t realistic, it’s that they’re trying to be realistic, but fail within the context of the game. It could be literally anything, but because it’s similar to how guns in our world operate we recognize that it’s wrong.

Because fiction is a reality simulation, with occasionally slight alterations to the rules. There isn’t a fictional universe out there where they put the wheels on top of the car and the car still drives on the ground and somehow magically works.

Why do you want realistic animations in a fantasy game with fantasy weapons? They should focus on making the guns fun to use.

Because the autoguns operate in the same manner as real life modern firearms. It’s science fiction, not science fantasy. Working the bolt when there is already a round in the chamber is stupid.


I swear to god, people who say “why u mad it’s fantasy bro” are driving me insane. This is not an argument. Just because your setting has demons in it doesn’t mean normal weapons should somehow work differently from how they operate irl.

Suspension of disbelief and verisimilitude are probably two of the most important things in a fantasy setting and those people are saying to throw it out the window.


I love you. I’m going to ask the Emperor to give you more money and a golden heavy flamer.


Plus one for your vocabulary :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

I was replying to @Whitecrow.

That’s okay, I was just looking for an excuse to bump. And you’re right, not many people are good enough with lingo slinging to pull out verisimilitude, but it really was the perfect pick.

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It’s probably for the same reason why the bolter takes what feels like two whole seconds to pull out. Swapping to melee mid-burst is easy, but getting shot at makes you think about whether juggling the wave or firing back is more important. It puts more stress on Zealot/Ogryn to crowd control, and for the Psyker/Veteran to focus on ranged fighting.

I don’t exactly agree with it because it does feel a little silly, but there might be a bigger reason why.

Absolutely convinced it’s an intentional speedbump, but as you’ll note here and on several threads made by others, too many of us know how this stuff works. TBH, a few post beta things make me think they are phasing this out because the default lasgun’s animation changed, and it was the least offensive. Autoguns still have it, and the bolter is the most extreme example.

Try doing the end of the ammo run with the bolt out 100% of the time. Open vault, rack action, pick up ammo and drop on floor, rack action. Pull grenade, rack action…

40k is fairly realisitc universe and “its just fantasy” isn’t a good excuse not to make sense.

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I’m inspired by your inexplicable need for this to be fixed.

Godspeed, OP.


It looks like it is slowly being fixed. I think Fat shark is hearing us on this. The Bolter is still worst offender, but the lasguns just come out a little slower and the animation is being phased out. Autoguns haven’t changed much… yet.

The animation was a fairly effective way to display the "time to presentation’ and it’s possible we’ll get new ones if they don’t just get rid of the speed bump.

Still, I’m glad to see things moving away from the mechanically impossible.

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