Excessive loading animations

It’s 2022, why this game still has loading animation during drawing gun out and tactical reload? Yes left 4 dead have this but it’s an old game which don’t even have aim down sight.
These additional animations really slow down your speed and just don’t make sense. I don’t think anyone would missing them this days.

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What exactly are you trying to say, that there shouldn’t be an animation when reloading your gun? Because that would be ridiculous to not have in a shooter

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Nah, he’s saying that there is a big animation when you go from sword to gun, and when you reload an autogun it’s the MP-5 reload, which was obsolete by 1970.

Open bolt. Remove mag. Replace mag. Slap bolt closed.

Just take gun out fully loaded…work bolt. (Or on lasgun, side lever.)

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You don’t have to when there’s already a bullet in the chamber(rear end of the barrel). So only when you have an empty chamber, like just emptied a mag, or readying the gun form safety status, otherwise you will eject that freshly loaded, ready to fire round out of the gun, a waste of both ammo and time. Switching back to that already fired gun and reloading when you still have ammo in the gun(tactical reload) are two cases of that kind of waste.

If you go to the two links in the post above yours and like and reply to everything, it might help get more traffic there and thus more attention, (High engagement as they say) and also I have lots of diagrams and videos to communicate what you just said.

(And pictures help people who don’t shoot understand why this bugs us so much.)

It looks badass though, which is far more important than realism in 40K

Its the opposite of badass for me - like the player character is a noob not a professional.

When switching weapons the useless bolt operations are jarring.

If its an MP5 style reload, it needs a latch at the rear for the charging handle, to hold the bolt open.

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Agreed. And why is there a ejection port dust cover on the right when the left has an open port blocked by the bolt like an FAL or an AK?

Here’s a pic of the latch for others. BTW, I am aware this image is an airsoft gun, but airsoft wanted to show how ‘rear’ they got it, so it was easier to find a close up, and the latch is indeed correct. This, not an internal moving part, is how the MP-5 holds it’s bolt open. HK’s people in the 1960s were freaking weird.

This is what they slap in movies like Matrix and Diehard to look cool.

P.S. HK tubes over the barrel (on weapons like this) aren’t gas tubes, though they look like it if you haven’t seen in them. The 1960ish-1990 designs were based on roller delayed unlocking, but it sure looks like a gas tube for a gas pistol until you get a good look close up.

I feel like the MP5-style reload (however old or outdated - if anything, the older and more outdated the more fitting it would be in 40k IMO) was deliberate for a couple of reasons. First off, the Zealot’s autopistol already has a variation of this reload, where the mag first gets taken out and replaced with a fresh one, then the bolt racked. The animators may have been hesitant to reuse that order of operations purely on the idea of varied reloads, so we end up with one where opening and closing the bolt is separated by the mag swap.

Secondly, all the reload animations in general are done in such a way as to justify the lack of a +1 mechanic. The action is always worked on the reload to visually tell the player that every reload will always result in the same magazine size every time, barring low ammo reserves. No, it’s not how you would realistically reload a weapon mid-magazine, but this is more of a mechanical limitation (or maybe a deliberate choice?) and probably not the fault of the animators.

My gripe with the Autogun’s reload is closing the bolt. I’ve looked it over a hundred times and now I’m certain that the animation actually has you push the bolt closed - this just doesn’t make any sense with how weapons work at all, and even contradicts other animations on the same gun. The recoil spring doesn’t just go limp for no reason.


Well, the Zealot’s mini-autogun looked like an AK reload, which makes sense to me since it’s ramshackle.

As to the main autogun, I really hate that ‘work the bolt thing’ and I’m not happy with the reload… but it feels to me when I get it into an editing program that the hand isn’t on the handle, it’s right behind it, on the way forward.

Still, it’s got what looks like an AR dustcover ejection port looking thing on the left hand side which doesn’t do anything, the charging handle doesn’t go past the magazine, and there’s a cut for the charging handle on the other side of the weapon that is the right length to pull with no handle in it!

Thing is messed up.