Bolter ADS is ridiculous and animations make no sense

The bolter is an iconic weapon, and the game mostly does it justice, but god forbid you ever want to be accurate with it and conserve your ammo. When you ADS with the bolter the weapon sway is insane and makes accuratley hitting your targets a pain in the ass by itself. I shouldn’t have to worry about my wepaon wobbling all over the place while I’m trying to take out the sniper that’s been covering our position for the last couple minutes.

Also, the bolter animations don’t actually make any sense. Why on earth do you rack your slide every time you take the weapon out? That would just eject one of the bolts in the weapon already. You also do this when the magazine is empty and you need to reload, so you take it out, rack the slide, then remove the empty magazine, put a new one in, and rack it again. Doesn’t make any sense at all.

Also, may or may not be a bug, but hwen actually firing the bolter the recoil jumps around in the most weird, jarring ways that it doesn’t even feel like heavy recoil, the gun just teleports to whatever side it feels like at the time.


So much yes. Also the bolter is actually a rocket launcher. Shoud have no recoil like a gyro jet.

Also please go here and like everything and comment. These nutty animations are wrecking the game. It’s pretty obvious the idea is a speed bump to goin to ranged to help melee, but it sucks because it’s too big a bump and it’s CRAZY ILLOGICAL.

You know if you even get staggered, like, say a barrel explodes, you rack the action? You throw a grenade, you rack the action. You go to your sword and back, rack the action.

You run out of ammo, go sword, come back, rack the action, then reload and rack the action again.

THIS IS CRAZY. We really need attention on this.


yeah, like bolt lock is thing and it’s not even new thing, idk why we would need to slide racking every dang it time.

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@FatsharkLev @FatsharkProxy @fatsharkola @FatsharkJulia @Fatshark_Hedge @fatshark-adt

Dear Fatshark, if you can get to the US, I will personally take your animators to a shooting range where I will let your developers shoot an AR-15, an AR-180, an AK-47, an FAL, An MP-5, a pump action shotgun, a semi auto shotgun, revolvers, semi auto pistols.

After which I’ll teach them to disassemble and reassemble each and every one of them.

Then we’ll find a local weapons instructor and he’ll teach all of you about economy of motion in loading and reloading the weapons. Transition to pistol and back.

Then I’ll take you to my back yard and let you cut things with quality swords. I have a Cheness Katana and a Albion broadsword.

I mean it.

But if you don’t take me up on this offer, PLEASE find some place local that can arrange the same! I love you guys and I want this game to be awesome.

This place might be perfect. Looks like they have an AR in 9mm. At a minimum this would give you some experience and I am sure they will let you take it apart and look inside.

Places like this will rent firearms for use at their range. This is a field trip worth taking and it’s right there in Stockholm.

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40k lore is unclear about how the bolter actually works. The original concepts state that the “bolts” are miniature rockets, but bolters very clearly have recoil in every single official or officially-endorsed visual depiction they appear in, as well as a thunderous boom that only conventional ammunition could create.

The bolter almost certainly uses a combination of both systems, though how exactly it does this is left up to interpretation, probably because GW cannot be bothered to actually work it out.

One point, bolters would have recoil as the rounds they fire are multi-stage and the initial stage is like a normal bullet with the rocket firing up after leaving the barrel to maintain/increase velocity as the round travels.


Ah, that’s a good explination. TY.

Big +1

Love the Boltgun, but the constant re-racking and wonky iron sights make it a bit of a chore.

yeah, the re-racking gets really grating after a while

While the bolter bolts uses gyro jets to maintain speed towards their target, they still are ejected from the bolter via an initial explosion before the gyro jet activates. This is what causes the recoil, and is why even space marines have to spend effort to manage it.

In game the recoil and ADS is really terrible when being suppressed though lol.

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There is no reason these weapons, especially the more exotic ones like the bolter and the Dethkorps rifle, couldn’t have an optic that is projected in a scifi way so it’s only visible to the operator.

That would allow it to be used without being lit up and drawing fire, and explain why we don’t see the optic in the art, the optic is a hologram projection with some magic to get it right at the retina.

no one is complaining about the iron sights here, i like them just fine

we’re complaining about the ADS itself being terrible

After playing a decent amount of hours with the bolter, I gotta agree.

I don’t mind the sway and strong recoil, even since the weapon is scaled down astartes bolter, made for humans, normal bolter would break your arms immediately, so it makes sense and it especially makes sense in game for balance purposes (the gun is already OP at what it’s supposed to do). But there is a bug with the repositioning of the bolter, the recoil animation gets bugged.

When you fire your first shot while ADS, the recoil kicks in and throws your aim off, that’s fine, but if you try to compensate, quickly move the iron sight on another target and fire, the shot goes anywhere but the target (only God Emperor knows where). If you leave the recoil alone, it goes back to the default and literally snaps/glitches back to the default position in the last miliseconds. So I think that the animation is different than the actual direction the weapon is facing, meaning if you keep firing, you have no idea where you are aiming at, and when the recoil calms down, it snaps back out of the wrong animation to the correct position. This makes the bolter unusable for consecutive shots and that is what makes it feel horrible. And even when you don’t compensate for the recoil and fire, the shots don’t go where the iron sight is pointing.

Edit: Also it’s the same for non ADS fire. If you keep firing, the crosshair jumps around, but your shots keep shooting straight. You can see that by looking for the hitmarks. The crosshair jumps all round while the shots are hitting the target in the middle of your screen, so often times I rathe look at hitmarks to continue firing, ignoring the crosshair that’s somewhere completely off. Might be the same thing of crosshair just randomly jumping around to simulate recoil, while the gun is actually still aiming straight, creating this desync of what you see vs what the gun does.

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