Attack Speed/Crit Chance

Has anyone been able to roll Attack Speed + Crit Chance on a melee weapon? As in you actually spent dust to get it.

If yes, what weapon was it? I just spent 80+ retries rolling for it on an Orange Hammer & Shield that had Swift Slaying trait just for the hell of it. I didn’t see it a single time, but I’ve been able to find weapons that had Atk Speed + Crit Chance together. I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that the weapon is either excluded from the table or you can’t roll it at all using dust.

yea, on 2hsword, glaive spear… choose one
i guess rng trolling you

Yikes, that’s some bad rolls, RNGesus was not with you that day my friend.

Welcome to one of the major flaws with the current crafting system.

Welcome to super rewarding RNG loot system. Where after hours of grinding, earning mats, carfting you can get middle finger.

But hey, seems like devs think this is great fun to RNG everything so you never feel rewarded unless you are lucky. Time, skill? Nothing matters, only RNG.

Current system is super bad without Shrine of Solace.

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If you think that VT2 crafting system is bad and not rewarding, you never played some korean rpgs. For example, in Black Desert getting a really good item is a question of billions of gold and time. You have to spend about 10 billion gold to get 1 perfect item, while you get about 200.300k for 1 dayly quest. You can count it yourself, how much time it will take and still you can fail and break the item. Crafting system in VT seemed very easy and rewarding to me and i easily get what i want in 20-30 attempts which is just fine.

Having re-rolled stats hundreds upon hundreds of times I can say that yes it IS possible. However certain combinations are more rare than others. It does not seem to be 100% random, the best rolls/most sought after, are more rare to get.

Would be nice with the VT1 system of rerolling a single property and keeping the rest.

Sounds a lot like a case of confirmation bias. What measures do you have in place to eliminate it?

If people start comparing your game’s reward mechanic with korean mmo, you know you did something awfully wrong.

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well, i don’t agree with you. The korean system is hardcore and because of it interesting and exciting. Not like in World of Warcraft atm, for example, where every noob has nearly best gear

I dont get that type of argument. “You shouldnt complain about getting a sandwich with rotten meat in it because some other guy over there got one with dog turds.” I mean sure, dog turds are pretty bad but that does not invalidate the complaint about being sold rotten meat.

Yeah, bashing mobs for hundreds of hours only to get a 0,001% chance to get a better item cause the RNG is everywhere is indeed pretty hardcore.
Also Vermintide is not a MMO, when you take more risk during a mission, like getting all grim and tomes during a champ run you should get a better reward 100% of the time, instead of just getting fingered over by Ranald RNG’s double middle finger. VH1 had the same issue but the new system feels far worst somehow.

The amount of time required to pour into something monotone (such as grinding dailies) is not hardcore in any sense, IMO. Another way to phrase this is “The korean system is a huge timesink and because of it interesting and exciting.” I cannot say this statement is false, but I can say that it definitely is not interesting or exciting to me.

Really? Every noob runs around in titanforged Mythic raid gear in WoW?

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