Asshats who kick you at end of match

Ive played a few matches where at the end of the match the host will wait until the end of the stage (victory) and kick you before you get to the bridge of shadows, this is toxic and ruins the game, if you dont want to play with someone fine, kick them but dont go through the whole stage and rely on them (for good or bad) and then do that, can we get a feature that records the last match and who you played with so you can then block those players through xbox live so you never EVER have to play or get trolled by those people again.

Yeah, I support the very idea. Let’s enhance it to these:

  • The List of played games and actions, - Your Personal Detailed History.
  • The Block List for those, you never want to meet again.

I thought you cannot kick players if you are close to the end of a map?

yeah you can had it happen a few times

Block list doesn’t work on vermintide.

On the whole that is probably a good thing, I hate to think the amount of blocked players there could be due to 1 bad day/run.

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