Assassin movement inconsistent

Following problems with assassin movement:

1: Hyper / diver jump.
Assassin jumps either so fast that it’s hard to even see, target usually cannot do anything against it.
Other times, when jumping off ledges, they are like professional divers, sailing through the air in slo-mo. These moves have no range restriction.

  1. Rebound.
    Assassins now not just die when jumping into the geometry, but they can rebound and STILL pounce target. This happens both from the ceiling and walls.

  2. Getting stuck in a loop.
    Sometimes when looking for an opportunity to jump, they start running back and forth between the same 2 points climbing up and down if necessary. This is only broken when the target?/nearest? player starts to move again.

  3. The revamped turn speed is not matched by the animation. Assassins can jump in any direction, not just in which way they face, resulting in sideways and backward jumps.

  4. Idle too long.
    Sometimes you can hear them spawn and then whispering without getting to see them. They should have a timer forcing them to attack, not runinng around in the level for 1-2 minutes without even being seen.

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