Assassin leaps (speed and "bounciness") since 2.0

Since 2.0 released, assassin leap speed has been notably higher than pre-2.0. Many assassin pounces that would previously have been considered on the lower-end of a “hyperleap” are now getting to be so common that we’re actually getting used to them.

A second issue, that has been present since sometime between the release of Back to Ubersreik and now (I believe around March, very, very, very offhand) is that assassins are able to bounce off of walls/objects and continue their pounce. If, in this continuation, they touch a hero, that pounce will count, and they will disable the hero. Prior to this, if an assassin touched a wall/object, they would either be counted as having suicided or fall to the floor and then try again or teleport.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue:

Just by playing the game - this is a widespread issue. There are no steps needed to reproduce this issue.

  • How consistently the issue occurs for you

Every single session, every map I play, consistently throughout.


Yea, love how we got insta jumps back.

Assassins no longer need to turn your way to jump you, their animation turn speed doesn’t match their actual turn speed, this is how you get side and backway pounces.

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