Are the weapon textures supposed to look like this?

Above is vermintide 1, below is the new matte look:

If these swords could speak, they would say “I pray for death”. They kinda botched this one.


Yeah, they wanted the weapons to look like they’ve seen some use I guess.

But the above sword is full of scratches without it looking like it was made of some ceramic

What about in lighting? Does it look the same still in the 2nd picture?

Some use.

It looks like somebody used it as a shovel…

Have you ever seen what blades look like after they’ve been used in battle? They have huge chunks missing and split along the blade and need to be reforged. Although I will agree they look really rough considering this is a videogame. Almost like they took sand paper to it in places.

Maybe if you do something stupid with them like hitting plate armor they have no way of penetrating…

#1 Aluminum
#2 Concrete

I have seen kitchen knives in worse state than the V1 screen. If we’re going to be realistic then there’s no way a weapon would survive a single act without shattering.

I think V2 skins are a little too neglected. It isn’t much of a problem, but if there were pristine condition illusions I would probably use them.

this one is chipped and yeah thats pretty much what i would expect after campaign, though tip isnt chipped despite sword being used for stabbing.

But besides that it looks like cheap steel. Golden ornaments look okayish and not beaten but steel around them looks like rest of the blade. Oh and that gem would be first thing to break if it got hit.

Look at this one

Impeccable gold but every steel part looks sh**, these golden ornaments would fly off on 1st hit on the guard.

I don’t really have a problem with the “worn” look of the weapons. I find it interesting. I haven’t done research on weapon durability yet, but I’d imagine they’d be worn down a bit after all the slaughtering our heroes do. On the flip side, the keep has a forge so it might make sense that the weapons be kept in better shape. I wonder if Bardin is just not skilled at the forge? Surely someone is?

Sharpen and polish? Every soldier should be able to do it.

Noticed this too. Pretty much all the weapons are hideous compared to game one weapons.

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