2h weapon handles are bad for your skin!

Weapon handle is in clear view for a large part of game. So when it’s designed bad, it’s painfully obvious.
It’s clear that FS guys have NEVER done any kind of physical work, their fathers and mothers kept all the hammers, shovel, pickaxes and garden equipment locked out of sight and used them only when our little child-devs were sleeping.
I mean, that’s the only logical explanation to this>
If you look carefully, the handle’s cross-section is actually a cross. And it ends quite sharply. You can’t swing something like that and not SERIOUSLY injure your hands. Bardin’s pickaxe handle is exactly the same type. It may look cool, but if you think of it, it’s as stupid as it gets. Fatshark PLZ fix, the game is virtually unplayable because of this.


Well the halberd is 5kg iron on a toothpick…
Also it’s used completely wrong and the weapon is ill designed for a halberds usual fighting style.
I mean it’s like FS never swung a few kg on a toothpick and also didn’t murder people in formation like us and the boiis.

In all seriousness the halberd could be an amazing spear like weapon with the specialty to always do a fast retracting attack after a regular one that can even down many elites if aimed for the feet.
The hook is to grab onto people and feet like this, he can also be used for ap on overhead with the axe functioning as a fin to stabilize the impact angle, the axe is tilted towards yourself to get people and trow them off balance in case you missed with the stab and the stab is the main attack of this weapon IT’S A SPEAR.

Anybody want to rant about the spear doing these weak sweaps?


Well, can’t rag too much . . . so-called “hewing spears” were a thing, historically.

I wrote in the past that the physic of some weapons is wrong, it ended with no answer from fs and complains from few, writing this is a fantasy game. So seems it’s acceptable in a fantasy game to handle heavy headed weapons like a toothpick.
I also believe that if the weapons were more accurate (compared to reality) then, balancing their use would be easier.

“Virtually unplayable” LMAO


Dude, do you even warhammer?
Have you seen what passes for a ship in the setting??
The word “fantasy” is there for a reason.

So you’re saying that in the world of warhammer hands are made of steel or what?
The world of Warhammer is unrealistic, but it has its own rules. The way weapon handles are designed in this game is against those rules, since sure as hell things like skin being torn apart by high amount of force applied to very small area are a part of the setting.
If you can provide me evidence that Warhammer setting is all about people having hands that are super-resistant while the rest of their bodies take normal damage - feel free to post it.

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I know it’s about 40k, but it’s an explanation:

It’s 40k and has nothing about preferring having your hands torn apart over normal round handles. BTW most weapons in game have fairly “normal” handles, only the biggest and heaviest (pick, 2h hammer) have sharp edges - I gguess for maximum damage. It would kind of make sense for BDSM Slaanesh worshippers, but Kruber and Bardin aren’t likely candidates.

Anyway, someone made a video and it doesn’t make it canon. As I’ve said, Warhammer has pretty “natural” damage system - you get slashed, crushed, torn etc. - you bleed and feel pain. And again - for some reason every other weapon has reasonable shaft. Yes, some are ridiculously designed and extremely impractical (dwarf axes, dwarf hammers - way too short and way too big, 2h hammers - the weeeight), but anyone could get a grip on them without hurting his hands.

I’ll repeat - fantasy world has to abide its own rules. Lack of helmets its just there to create graphical diversity but it doesn’t break any laws of the world. Same with huge weapons - Space Marines wear power armor, use “power weapons”, the looks may be deceiving etc. But if Imlerial Guard were using swords with blades on the handles, everyone would call it dumb. Because it would be against the WH40k rules that are quite clear - sharp edges hurt you.

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Ah skin doesnt look gud blah blah fatshark please give me more skins instead of fixing bugs SKINS

Who are you talking to mate? Since sure as hell I didn’t write anything like that so either it was someone else or you’re seeing things. Also do you really think graphic designers are fixing bugs in their spare time? :smiley:

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He answered to Haxorzist, but he just doesn’t have any other argumentation than the “you are wrong” one.

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