Archers still feel terrible to play against

Why do these still cause hitstun and slow movement, I don’t understand. It’s the most unfun and RNG mechanic, I can’t play around the fact that the director decides to line up 15 archers who randomly hit me (The change to make their arrows even more RNG didn’t exactly help, either).

Why not just remove the hitstun/movement impairments to start with and see how that feels to play against for a while?


Because they are sneaky and weak. And stupid because they announce themselves very well.

I wouldn’t say terrible, but they definitely aren’t a positive attribute for the game. They are either irrelevant or annoying.


The only problem I have with archers is that on certain maps they can stand outside the map boundary and pepper you with arrows. You can’t reach them to melee so if you don’t have a ranged weapon suitable to return fire you’re pretty much out of luck.

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I hate how RNG they are. There’s no evasive counterplay against them now… trying to dodge when they fire and half the time I dodge right into their arrow because they missed so badly.

Make them accurate, and since they have a consistent amount of time between shots, it’s possible to dodge them without looking and feel awesome!


archers are weak. you can one shot them on legend. if there is a bunch of them standing in a group then bomb them. easy peasy.

They are usually not clumped up, and it doesn’t matter that they’re weak. They could all have 1hp and it wouldn’t make a difference.

If something goes down (horde/boss/bunch of specials) and some archers take aim in the distance, it’s a dice roll if you’re going to get hitstunned and stopping you from dodging a boss or disabler. Removing player control based on that shouldn’t be a thing, plain and simple


idk i’ve never had a problem with them on legend. imho they are too weak and easy to deal with and should be buffed. they pose no threat to me ever. its ridiculous i expected more from the archers.

I like the archers and I hope we get more of them in the coming years.

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Maybe you don’t have issues with them because you’re playing legend, where bosses die a lot faster and the specials come in greatly reduced numbers?

Maybe I’m not making myself clear here, the archers themselves do not pose a threat per se and are easily killed even on cataclysm, it’s when they’re paired with other events that require consistent and reliable dodging to deal with that they become a threat.

If you end up with 3 simultaneous disablers on cataclysm then one arrow at the right time can easily ruin your dodge and lead to death. And this feels immensely dissatisfying simply because the arrows are RNG and your death then feels cheap and out of your control.


In my opinion, archers are an annoyance rather than a threat – even with boss + horde + elites on Cata, they still don’t feel like a threat most of the time. I think that in all my time since WoM release, there was 1 or 2 games where I felt like archers contributed to my death.

I liked archers the most in their very first iteration (during WoM Beta) – when they had pinpoint accuracy, but could be avoided by constantly moving. I’d love it if they were reverted to that mechanic, with a limit on the total number of archers that can be alive at the same time (scaling with difficulty).


Archers are totally annoying.


Id rather they had accuracy than being RNG dodge or don’t dodge but my issue is they can attack from outside of visual input. IE. they can be invisible from range, or behind terrain or behind a meat shield and still kill you.

If their arrows couldn’t pass through enemies it would probably go a long way. Then your counterplay is to keep enemies between you and them. Seems a lot more fair.


that can be said with anything even on cataclysm. you just need to have better situational awareness and use the environment to your advantage. no, i still dont think they are a threat since they are, by far, the weakest enemies in the whole game. i have tried playing cata but theres never more than 2 open games during prime time which is why i stay on legend.

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Wait, was this changed? Archers use to hit their team mates. In fact, most archers would spawn hyper stacked and kill each other lol. I normally kill them as soon as they spawn, so I haven’t noticed.

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Uuuuuuuuuuuuh… I guess they can hurt monsters since there’s a challenge to that effect (let them kill a Minotaur). I just remembered the other day, in that big open wasteland area in Dark Omens, when those archers murdered us during a horde. So I kind of assumed they shot through enemies, since we were swarmed and getting shot at the same time. So there’s where my assumption of them being able to shoot through enemies came from. I’ll be honest: I’m not sure. Maybe we got hit from elevation in those trenches or something though.

I never had too much problems with archers in the first place however. Usually fighting them is fine. I’ll try to pay attention to whether they can shoot through enemies or not. Or maybe anybody else would happen to know?

They’re less of a threat in terms of health, damage dealing, but you try to get a teammate up, ult, or do something effective, is where they can become devastating. A single archer on its own is not necessarily a threat, or even a small clump of them; it’s when you get many, usually at a distance, and in very large clumps, for me at least, is where they can become an issue.

The drop into War Camp out of spawn, for instance. A large clump of them shooting you in the chest as you progress isn’t really fun gameplay so much as it is frustrating. What terrain do you use in this instance? Or turning the corner after the first dropdown out of the farm in Grain? They act like specials, but aren’t necessarily treated as one (hence no number cap afaik).

I’m with @TmanDW here in that giving them the concept of not being able to shoot through their teammates is fair (the same way gunners and flamers can—can archers already do this, I haven’t tested, though personally haven’t seen an archer kill its allies), AND capping their numbers to a specific amount would seem more viable to work around. I’m personally okay with the inherent annoyance that comes with say, five, but when the director decides to spawn 15-20; that’s much less fun.

Personally I found making the archers darker not really an intuitive move so they blend in with most of the dark background in Verm more, but that’s just me.

(Also a problem on weaves, but that’s a whole separate issue that’s beyond archers.)


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