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Thanks for the currently approved mods <3 There’s only 10 but they already make a huge difference, at least for me. Seeing if my ranged weapon is loaded just by glancing at the right side is nice and the HP in numbers, as well as teammates ammo count and HP bars, if they are running Natural Bond etc is amazing. I can go MLG on my WS now :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully a steady stream of them keep getting released as you guys test them and make sure they get the FS stamp of approval. Keep up the good work. :ok_hand:


this is nice!

i saw a mod that had your equipped potions hang in your belt, small detail but added a lot visually, would like to see that in the official realm too.


Me too! Was that the third person equipment one that also shows weapons on your back/belt?

donno, some guy on youtube, he didnt say what mod it was.

Yea, there’s a 3rd person mod, but it hasn’t been approved.



only thing missing is 3rd person

Am I the only one thinking kind of silly that you get to see the exact ammo count for all your partners but not your own when you have melee equipped ?

Why the persistent ammo counter did not get through approval along with this first batch is beyond me.


Actually I think it only has to do with the work of actually looking at the code of a mod to ensure there is nothing buggy game breaking or smuggled in.
So they just picked LockedAndLoaded over persistent ammo counter (for now).

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persistent ammo counter is now sanctioned :slight_smile:

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i actually dont care about the 3rd person mod, just the visual effect of seeing your teammates potions hanging in their belt added a lot, should add bombs too.


i love all the new sanctioned mods! can’t wait for more to be sanctioned. the numeric hp and always on ammo counter is fantastic.

i’m trying hard to stop switching to my ranged weapon and back to see if bloodfletcher procced. old habits die hard. at least with huntsman, there’s a super satisfying PLINK sound for headshots so i know i get back +3 ammo (and that super satisfying PLINKPLINKPLINK when u get multi headshots with one arrow)

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