Application is overall extremely slow

Hello! I picked this game up on the steam sale and I have not been able to get this to a runnable performance.
I’ve tried:

  1. DX11 and DX12
  2. Medium and Lowest Settings
  3. 1/2/3/4/5/6 thread count

But everything is just…slow. Not just the menu and game, but also launching, the fatshark intro video, the gameworkshop screen, all of it. The whole app chugs like it’s fixed at 10~15 fps. Nothing I change in the graphics settings seems to have any impact on this sluggishness. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my setup, but I’ve attached my dxdiag just incase.

Also of note - none of the columns in my task manager are spiking as far as I can tell, most are around or under 50%

Video -

DxDiag.txt (106.7 KB)

Also posted the same issue to reddit - tried the suggestions given there as well

980Ti should be more than enough for this game. I’m not sure about the AMD FX since it’s an old CPU and this game tends to eat alot of CPU power (especially when you’re hosting). One thing that I spot on your DXDiag is your monitor resolution 2560 x 1440 so I can give a suggestion to run it on 1080p instead, or hell, run it on a small window and see how it works.

When launching the game, check out the CPU and GPU usage on task manager and see what applications are hogging the resources.

Good luck

I have seen a lot of people suspect the CPU, but the FX-8350 is specifically listed as the recommended cpu. So I would hope that’s not the case.

I recorded the issue and am uploading it now, and I captured the task manager at the same time. Both stayed pretty cool, maybe the CPU got close to 50% load on some occasional spikes.

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