Anyone else having problems with players sprinting ahead, not killing enemies, not looting, not helping others and then kicking people?

I’ve had this a fair few times now and i gotta say its a big pain being stuck behind hordes of enemies while someone sprints ahead, spawning more without even trying to deal with them, then when they get to a door that needs the team they just spam vote kicks. i get it, there are weekly contracts to complete x missions etc but this is happening in high difficulties as well as low difficulty, you cant escape this kind of player and for reasons unknown vote kicking never works on them. Would it be possible to rethink how the vote kick system works, like have an internal timer so it cant be spammed.
Also if people are intent on just sprinting forward, isolating themselves, that should be more ground for things like hounds to spawn in and target them as they are easier targets, it would encourage more teamplay and tackle this kind of abusive player head on because if they do ever get hit by a hound they spend the entire time they are downed filling the chat with absolute venom.
This was a concern of mine from the beta as well and for a while it seemed like those players had moved on to a different game but ive had at least 6 a day for the last week or so and it makes everything a lot less fun.

Might be a regional thing.
I have a few hundred hours in Darktide and only met like 10 actually toxic people in missions so far.
6 of these people were two cases of 3player premades.