Any solutions to the plasteel problem?

Have any players found a solution to the plasteel shortage problem? It’s so dang hard to get enough.

I know we all have ideas Fat Shark could do. (Buy it, sell weapons, grind weapons, convert diamantine, just remove it and let us craft, increase drop rate 400 trillion percent, etc)

But since they didn’t, and prob won’t, have you found a trick?


Make the max plasteel possible be available from Malice+

Done. No more plasteel shortage.

Solves other community issues as well where people jump up difficulties before they are ready.


Do quickplays for bonus plasteel. That’s kinda the only thing you can do right now.

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Go back in time and play during the Great Plasteel Surplus where Hadron would hand back 90% of what you just spent no matter how you interacted with the game after ‘crafting’. Then you sit in the purgatory of all weapons being trash as you accumulate 6 digit numbers. So the legend goes…


So all I need to do is bore myself to death and expose myself to the only difficulty where people say things like “grims are bad because it means we can’t carry as many medkits”. Got it!

No one is forcing you to do malice. Are you feeling plasteel starved?

I recall you said you were over 1000 hours meaning you’re probably already spamming (and have spammed) quickplay damnations, or even aurics for 700+ per match.

I have no doubt you have a massive plasteel surplus.

Besides, I said Malice + as in everything above will still have the same amount, or did I not communicate that properly? In which case my bad.

If you meant that it would become the most optimal plasteel farm it still wouldn’t fix that you need ordos at some point down the line for crafting which are still best gotten from Aurics anyways.

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As FS seems to be adamant that the hated locks and atrocious RNG for some reason keep players in the game this is among the more realistic solutions which I’d deem very welcome.

They indeed could reduce gambling fee by 90% and it still would be very grindy enough thanks to hostile RNG.

Yet both solutions would aleviate player frustration - and that seems to go strictly against “intended design” so… My guess it’s not going to happen…

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i play 99,9% quickplay Heresy or Damnation for ressources and Plasteel is always the limiting factor to crafting. Dockets and Diamantine are better balanced.

But i have to say that most players somehow rush through levels and dont spent time to really look for it. I tend to be the one a little bit behind because people even open box with a big bulk of plasteel and dont take it.
They are so hurried they dont get they didnt take it.

A start would be to pick them all up.
If I had a penny for every time I’d end up with less than half the possible plasteel without me picking them up, I’d have an entire cupboard full of worthless pennies.

I feel like this collective level of team effort to find plasteel in the mission has plummeted since Patch #13.

It used to be that running damnation every run would net at least 600+ plasteel, often getting over 700. Most players/teams were good about using moment to hunt down side paths for plasteel.

Now it seems like a couple people on each team are hellbent on rushing the most direct path and the rest of the team feels obligated to follow. Most damnation runs have ended for me with less than 400 plasteel, and I’m the one collecting most of it. If you’re the one person left behind looking for resources then its a risky situation for the whole run.

Also, by not searching for plasteel I know the team is leaving behind med kits, ammo crates, and (now) stims. Used to be we’d get to finales with usualle 2+ kits/ammo crates. Now it feels lucky if we get one medkit deployed per run.

I don’t know what’s pushing this blitz to the end at all costs approach. The norms for play don’t feel as a rewarding as they were prior to Patch #13.


A good start would be if they’d triple the value of each pickup, or cut costs by a third.

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There is no plasteel shortage. Crafting is fundamentally broken from the ground up. They could provide infinite amounts and it would be just as terrible as it is today. Crafting needs fixing, and balancing materials is a part of the equation once crafting has been fixed. Until then I’m staying away and just lurking on these forums.


I spend about 50% of each map alone by myself, usually “staying behind” because I get to all the Plasteel spawns. Sometimes I get :poop: for it, too.
I feel you.

Funny thing is - if you collect more plasteel, even if the run fails, you still get more plasteel :slight_smile:

I can’t recall the % of plasteel you get when you wipe - but winning a run with 300 plasteel isn’t that much better than failing a run halfway through with 500 plasteel (you’ll like 200ish still?)


like said above i’m in the same boat, mostly a little bit behind, but i try to catch up when it gets to more serious action and may sacrifice checking some sideways, not because i get in danger, but the whole mission may fail if i dont stick with the team.

As said, people are too hurried. Very rarely i have a team that plays at my pace and also searches all corners.
These missions are the best, the most fun, the most profitable regarding ressources in general and efficient regarding medpacks, ammo etc.

Honestly letting you exchange weapons for Plassteel would go a stupid long way to making the whole grind less obnoxious.

I feel like the only reason they won’t do it is out of some weird adversity to making a crafting system that in any way resembles the features of an actual functioning crafting system.

You don’t even need to frame it as the weapon being broken down, frame it as Hadron wanting it for some reason as a trade in. Quality and Power Level affects how much plassteel you get. Boom, problem solved.


I mean there is a simple answer to this: new players, and old returning players came into the game.

There is a lesson that is taught to you early which is that splitting from the group will get you killed - this is drilled into new players ad nauseum. Getting over that programming and learning the exceptions is challenging.

While Damnation is a nice mostly safe environment for probably most of the regular posters on this forum its not for the grand majority of players to feel comfortable enough to go and find all the side path plasteel spawns, or taking time to open every box.

I’m willing to bet most still espouse the false ideal that you actually NEED to rush because you’ll die to attrition otherwise.

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Yeah I’ve seen that mentioned even in game for sure. I mean there are times when you need to press through a dense series of spawns. But I’d say that most of time if the team is getting worn down by attrition or running out of ammo they need a better build to increase damage vs ammo economy and/or get better at melee to not take as much chip damage. Accidents happen, but still.

Really, if people just save ammo and ranged weapons for dealing with specials and packs of elites, ammo isn’t really a problem. It’s just bad when multiple people are wasting ammo on hordes that they should be melee’ing.


That pretty much feeds into their false ideal of needing to rush thus skipping the side paths for fear of not keeping up the pace.

It just keeps coming back to skill.

I think most of them will get there eventually. Until then I’ll be using my dagger zealot to farm the side paths, and keep up the average of 750+ on quickplays.

Honestly knife veteran with shout, grenades ammo and plasma is the ultimate farmer. Most encounters are over in seconds if they involve nametag enemies and then its back to farming. Melee tree + rending strikes lets me go back to a bunch of knives with no uncanny and do unfortunate things. Most times the pub team is like 3 years behind me in damage and just there. If you encounter some columnus psyker or achlys ogryn ammo blackhole you beat them to every pick up.