Any news on the new career?

I thought so (i.e. one of the older books) since that is a theory we had when I was a kid / teenager (i.e. Bretonnians actually being ruled by the wood elves) but according to the sources I can find now (I don’t have the army books here) it seems that the End Times confirmed Lady of the Lake as Lileath (an elven goddess, or Ladrielle, one of her aspects).

So it is not out of bounds to use one of the Fay Enchantresses as an elf (I think), or just as one of the Lady of the Lake’s “handmaidens” or prophetesses.

However, it would require a bit of implementation I think, such as a different magic system than overheat, and neither are the prophetesses corrupted by chaos as they use primal magic. I’m thinking in terms of chain lightning, gusts of wind and so forth.

To summarise my thoughts a bit, on what I would consider being the possible “cooler” additions when it comes to careers (and adding potentially new play styles).

  • Kruber
    – Kislev Ice Guard, martial semi-spellcaster (although only female in the lore AFAIK)
    – Kislev Streltsi, martial blackpowder gun wielder with unstable gun, allows for some perhaps interesting mechanics of in-your-face shotgun wielding with high risk and high reward.
  • Kerrillian
    – Lady of the Lake Prophetess (or similar Fay Enchantress spinoff) with primal magic
    – Sisters of Slaughter, evasion based in your face martial artist
    – Witch Elf, dark semi-melee semi-magic wielder
  • Bardin
    – Chaos Dwarf (yeah, seriously) Daemonsmith, melee tank who can buff allies (temporary armour piercing dmg? temporary unbreakable block? something like that)
  • Victor
    – Sigmar Warrior Priest, “luck”-based melee fighter, where doing certain things (hitting an enemy in the head? blocking an overhead attack? etc) imbue them with a random Sigmarian trait for a short while (10-15 seconds?). See this overview if you are unfamiliar with the lore. This would force the player to adapt his play style to the current active trait, rather than just rinse and repeat…
  • Sienna
    – A career solely focused on CC via terrain control, i.e. similar to jade magic “Awakening of the Wood” over the damage focus of fire magic. Might be hard to manage lore-wise though :slight_smile:

But we already have gear that enhance potions in various ways. So I don’t think that would allow for the player to do much or play the game in a different way.

So is the plan that you summon weapons around you, and then don’t know to fight anymore because the weapons fights for you on their own?

That sounds like an passive aura talent, not an active ult which really should be more proactive the just boosting the others.

I’m pretty sure that if you turn someone into metal, that person is gone, or maybe becomes indestructible for the duration. It might sound cool to you but I don’t get an instant urge to play and try it out.

Debuffing is new, I 'll you that and it could work for an active ult.

@EmpIzza The problem I see with this is in part that Damsels don’t seem to leave Bretonnia and that she’d bring as many Bretonnian knights as she’d wish to fight the pact-sworn. To this comes that all five of the OG Ü5 are kind of misfits or oddballs. I can’t recall any hint in the sources of there being Damsels going AWOL. I simply don’t think that a Damsel could make sense in the kind of company that the Ü5 provides.

We can still enhance them. There’s only 3 pots to enhance with various effect (other than duration, or combining them). There’s still a lot of design space here (some POSSIBLE effects : Buffing each of the effect, replacing the effect by another new one, or adding some kind of new effect like temporary armor for example). It fit the alchemist theme as well.

Nah telekynetics are far less precise than this, things usually ask for some positionning to be effective. Cf. mobas and diablo-like that use this same sort of abilities. As weapons fly around you in a circle, why you still have access to your own weapons. Think about magneto right there.
Can also focus on staggering rather than damage here, when an enemy is hit by one of the weapon.

Or it becomes paralyzed, and destructible for some time, and come back with the remaining life after a few seconds. Allow people to reposition themselves.

Can also think of a temporary armor feature that touch allies. Kinda like a reversed grimoire that charges up with uses of ult or others things linked to talent.

Nope we need a halfling from Lumpkin croops halfling fighting cocks!

Seriously. A halfling cook, scout, and fighter would be a freaking-mazing.

Halfling could fit, and be funny as hell. But apart from the silly weapon, and the obviously cook carrier, I think we can probably find more original than scout / fighter career.

No, the Fay Enchantress is human. The Goddess the Bretonnian’s worship, The Lady of the Lake, is an elven goddess in End Times lore. Lileath, specifically.

Why can’t we have new characters with only one career? We just had a DLC that has arrived on 3 separate maps, why can’t we have such a hero?

I think the perfect DLC for Vermintide (for me) would be something like this:

Only one new map: Lohner receives new information from one of his contacts asking for help. To help him send our heroes to his rescue.

When you finish the map you find another group of heroes who have survived together during all this time and after a discussion they all return to the castle for Lohner to give them more information.

3 new heroes, with one career, two mele weapons and a ranged weapon each.

Once you have this you can gradually add content to each one (weapons, careers, skins, hats, voice lines …)

Why 3 at the same time? It has been commented before, launching a single full character would make everyone jump like crazy to use it, that would be fatal to find games.

Is 3 heroes a lot of work? Yes, but I would be able to wait 2 years if Fatshark needs them. Remember, 2 years was the time that Fatshark created all the DLCs + content for Vermintide 1 and at the same time they created Vermintide 2, so why not?

Because the U5 is part of what makes this game so amazing. Pushing out three half-arsed characters and shoe-horning them into the group with the goal of gradually improving them over time is just silly.

Vermintide does not need any more characters. Just my opinion.


So i’m going to reply to a lot now:

Yeah i was almost going to rant on that aspect of the End Times but just wanted to just state facts first, i’m going to do it now anyway:

Nobody liked the reveal of Ladrielle being the Lady of the Lake. She was always seen as the fair maiden for humans that gave them her blessing to rid the lands of the Bretonni of evil, creating the whole lore of Bretonnia on it. For having more than one playable human faction and also as a counterpart to the Empire, able to stand for it’s own. GW ridiculed all that by saying it was all a ploy of some elven goddess to protect the world and the elves. For her to be that involved with humans it seems she all but forgot the elves exist, as none of her blessings seem to resemble anything the elves receive. It seemed very much forced in, as was a lot in the End Times storyline. /s

The Fay Enchantress is definitely human as are all damsels and prophetesses, Bretonnia is a human faction. If you want a wood elf sorcerer, there are spellsingers, they would pretty much fit the role.
But, as Kerillians backstory suggests, she saw something she shouldn’t had seen and it involved a spellsinger, that almost surely rules her being one out, as she would either had known or known better to get involved (whatever it was).

I assume you know those would not really be possible, right? Rule of cool can still only go so far, and we know that FS seriously tries to stay lore accurate (they are huge fans of WHFRPG, a lot of references throughout both Vermintide titles attribute that).
A Kisevite as a new character would be easier to implement than to explain Kruber as an ice mage.
Kerillian has always stayed an Wood Elf even with Handmaiden and Shade as her other careers, she was in neither Naggaroth nor Ulthuan. And even then, she already is dedicated to Khaine with Shade, and Witch Elves are also dedicated to Khaine (and they are not spellcasters, despite the name, that would be dark elf sorceresses).
Sisters of Slaughter are a group of gladiatrixes that are dedicated to Eldrazor, and the Wood Elves honour him in their own way, not just as murdering duellists.
Chaos Dwarfs are, as the name says, Chaos. There is no leeway to give there, simply not possible (they also got krumped by Grimgor, hur-hur).
Victor being a Sigmar Warrior Priest is almost a given as already said, that’s correct, although something luck based would more fit to the Wardancer (Loec, their patron, is the elven trickster god).
And again like i said, Aqhsy’s spells that are not yet taken by either Sienna’s ults, talents or staffs could fill 3 or 4 more careers for her, only the branding would be difficult. She already is ‘controlled’ as Battle Wizard, ‘free-willed’ as Pyromancer and ‘out-of-control’ as Unchained. Lorewise being Unchained would result in a really short life expectancy; there really aren’t many hedge wizards that can control themselves and don’t fall to the dark gods. Pyromancer is close enough to an exile mage to exist within the lore (and reason).

There is not only the effort to be taken into consideration, but the cost/benefit factor and the ressources they have/not have:
As i tried to explain that 5 new careers are a lot less work than a new Hero with 3 careers (and it obviously takes FS a lot of time and effort to create 1 this year with the last work done on that front appart from cosmetics being Season 2 release on Jan 23rd, and that was only talent readjusting), 3 extra heroes would be even more work.
They are still a company that’s trying to make money, that’s the whole reason of the DLC hats (instead of making bigger DLC, while also bringing new and free content like Drachenfels that doesn’t divide the playerbase like WoM did).
So they will choose the option that is less work with more effect for the players, which in my opinion is the 5 careers. They are still going to make maps and all the reworks we asked for. We are all a bit dissatisfied by their development speed and the release of WoM, but nothing has changed for years in speed terms, so it’s not likely to change now. If the reason that they are slower than other developers is the result of crunch being almost absent in their company, than our whole view on gaming companies and their supposed development speed might be twisted, and i mean screwed by that.
Also, comming back to your comment @SrRaulCL, if they created Vermintide 2 behind closed doors while still working on Vermintide 1, and we are seeing similar DLC release dates in Vermintide 2’s life cycle, what do you think is going on behind closed doors right now? It ain’t no versus, i’m tellin’ ya. Not only, at least.
(They are also working on improving Autodesk Stingray since it’s kinda their engine now (again), although we don’t have a lot info on that)


Note : The Ubersreik 5 will always stay 5. Any new char will not be “Ubersreik” as they were not in Ubersreik in VT1 events, therefore it won’t impact anything here.
But usually a “party” will see newcomers from time to time. And I agree the new one should not be half-arsed though (so 3 careers and a nice story to explain its coming).

To be fair, TWWH seems run the Fay Enchantress as elven, and as far I know they are fully sanctioned?

Although very possible that GW prioritize cash flow over lore…

Where did you get that from? Her flavour text at least is straight up copied from the codex (not saying that’s a bad thing) and she is featuring no elven ears (i found no ears at all on her model, hmm)

Kinda, but not totally. For example they put characters from different time periods in one moshpit timeline right before the End Times, like Azhag, Ghorst and Repanse, all dead, and also giving Ghorst more meaning then he will ever get in the lore (he not even has a model on tabletop). A lot of the starting positions of certain Legendary Lords are not accurate - but definitely more interesting to play. The map is not super accurate but serves in it’s current form for better gameplay. Ulthuan isn’t that squished in between Naggaroth and Bretonnia in the lore, but who would want to sail the Great Ocean for 10 turns to either get to the elven homeland or away from it?

spoilers for TW:W2 Vortex campaign

Also skaven spaceship posing as a fake twin-tail comet, weakening the vortex and starting the race for it. Pretty funny though.

TL:DR: TW:W in it’s current form is like an almost-the-same alternate universe to the Warhammer Fantasy universe. Quite accurate, but not fully.

Oh, but it will.
The day a new character is added we will no longer be the U5. We will be the U5… and Steve…

Nah it will be the Ubersreik 5, and the Draken-Koramaz 6 (or whatever the next dlc is) . Look all superheroes team, they change over time ! No need to be angry about this :stuck_out_tongue:

Vermintide 2 Civil War coming next year :grin:

Ubersreik 5 is their nickname from the previous game and city. They’d be the called the Helmgart 6 with a new character. And of course that new character needs to Genevieve Dieudonné. But no news yet on the new class, just have to wait.

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From playing the game :slight_smile:

And I actually found a (once) canon source online. Could have been the one I read, but it is a long time ago, this one is from 2005, and I think my memories rather are from the period 2002-2004. Note that with the exception of Vermintide my only encounter with Warhammer fantasy lore since sometime 2004-2005 is TWWH, so my understanding of the world is probably based in information many would consider outdated by now.

Note the emphasized parts.

from: Knights of the Grail: A guide to Bretonnia
The Fay
The Fay of Bretonnia are actually the Wood Elves of Athel
Loren. Bretonnians do know about Elves; some Sea Elves trade
with the country, particularly through L’Anguille where they
have a substantial enclave. Wood Elves from the Empire also
occasionally pass through. However, most people do not make
any connection to the Fay of the forest, the servants of the Lady.

Non-Bretonnian characters who encounter the Fay are quite
likely to realise they are Elves, and Bretonnian characters
with substantial personal experience of Elves may also make
the connection. However, most Bretonnians with personal
experience of Elves live in L’Anguille, at the opposite end of the
country from the Forest of Loren.

The Fay Enchantress is also an Elf, and characters have the
same chance to notice. Elven characters, of course, realise
automatically whenever they meet “the Fay.”

Perceptive players might notice that the Fay and the Fay
Enchantress are all Elves, that the Damsels of the Lady are
Wizards, and that there are no Priests of the Lady. This might lead
them to ask questions about the nature of the Lady of the Lake.

There are some questions, however, to which the answers
should remain mysterious.

Need to what? Kill ? Ignore ? Vomit on ?


Any hero (who can adapt to our group of heroes of course) will come in great for the game. Vermintide is a cooperative teamwork game, and new heroes allow us to create new ways to play as a team, that’s great.

Can you imagine Leage of Legend with only 5 characters? Or Dead by Daylight?

The story behind the character is important, yes, but the most important thing is to give variety and gameplay to the game.

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