Another Nurgloth Critique

pretty much agree with this, the difficulty is in a really weird spot for me. Most of the map is pretty in line with other legend stuff, it’s nowhere near hard enough to be some sort of “challenge” map or whatever, and you’ll generally just cruise through it, but then that event is a massive mess unless you’re lucky enough to already be on one of the classes that can handle it.

Feels like a bit of a waste in general, because you’re not going to get a consistently challenging experience (well, ignoring pubs sometimes turning maps into duos), but you’re also not going to get very good loot even if you do beat the event.

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Probably the best suggestion on the forums regarding Phase 3.

This change would mean that parts of Phase 3 are the same as Phase 2 but with some adds. Would trivialise Phase 3.

I have yet to see anybody actually come up with a strategy against this guy, even though there is a very simple one. If you have the aggro, back up against a pillar and hold block. He won’t be able knock you into the fire rings. You will just keep getting smacked into the pillar while your teammates won’t have to worry about collateral damage from the Nurgloth’s swings. Do bare in mind that positioning is important here as any slipping towards the right or left side of the pillar will cause you to be hit by the eruption.
Arguably, not the best strat on legend as few are running BCR at that difficulty. Even then getting guard broken by the boss and the adds that will inevitably come to you is better than flying through the air. On Cata however(with 60% BCR), this works wonders. Besides, anybody not running BCR on cata is doing it wrong.
So no, I completely disagree with reducing his knockback when there is a working strategy in existence. This strategy doesn’t require anybody to "get gud, and I mean it. This sounds relative easy, no? Please try it.

When Deathrattler on skittergate is shooting at you, there are also almost zero opportunities for the player to retaliate. The same can be said about Skarrik when you have his aggro and he starts swinging(Some swings are possible to dodge but generally speaking holding block is the best option) at you with his short swords. Holding block and waiting for your teammates to come and help is not uncommon during this game’s boss fights.

In conclusion:

  • Randomising the size and position of the fire rings is worthy of consideration
  • Try out the strategy I have suggested and see how that changes things
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I don’t think it’s too difficult. It’s probably the most difficult event, for sure. However, I think it’s very well done mechanically. You can easily avoid getting dead during the last phase. I will say it would probably be really difficult if you didn’t run BCR. But you should definitely be running 60% BCR on every character. It’s just an adjustment. I would say to wait and see if the player base meets the challenge after they become familiar with the fight. If they are still having trouble in another month or two then it may be time for a slight nerf. They pretty much ruined cata by responding to complaints before the player base had a chance to get used to the new mechanics in 2.0. I don’t wanna see that mistake again.


Ok here’s what ‘could’ be fun. Unlockable ‘boss’ modes, where you face old Nurgloth and newly remade other boss in specifics challenge maps (with only their boss part). Kinda like fortune of war but focused on each boss fight. Short and Challenging.
So new ‘qp’ nurgloth can be nerfed and the old version can still be played.

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Even on legend it shouldnt get nerfed in my opinion, maybe thats elitists, don’t know.

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Oh yea cool idea!

Or something like add different difficulties and the boss gets harder the higher difficulty you fight on.

Ohoh or maybe a story mode where players can play the story but in an easier version, or a practice mode.

But seriously, if the boss is too hard on quick play thats one of the disadvantages of qp, if you have a full tank with shield group and skittergate comes up then its gonna be annoying aswell. They shouldnt just nerf the fight for that reason, they could add a chest in the beginning of a map like in v1

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Irony aside, if the map is unplayable due to a rather impossible third phase when you don’t have the loadout (that you CAN’T CHANGE during maps) to deal the damage needed, there’s an issue there that’s not inherent to “qp”. And that’s not even in my ask for nerf to some finales relatable. This is pretty much a map you actually can’t play at the point.

Aside this, there’s probably a more technical reason why you can’t change loadout during games. So it’s probably easier to actually nerf the third phase, than adding a chest to change loadout.


Your problem is without a doubt inherent to quickplay(choose the level choose the loadout), nor is the boss fight ‘impossible’.

Yeah I mean, in a parralel universe, I bet you can probably spend an hour trying to get Nurgloth down without the required dps and absolutely no counterplay to its scythe attack. But yeah, there’s no issue there. Let’s say this is probably me, and that the boss difficulty is fine, and not overtuned at all. I mean, it’s totally at the same difficulty than the other boss so totally fine. How could I miss that.

If it happens that the map is in Quick Play, the most played mode. Maybe you should remove it. Fortunes of War is not for QP, and therefore, not available in QP. If it’s available in QP, then it should be balanced for QP (that’s kinda obvious to be honest)

Why are you comparing a adventure map to a final stand gamemode? If we compare boss fights, skittergate boss is harder then other ones just because it’s ‘end Boss’ in the story, i don’t expect skittergate boss to be the same as into the nest, and if i load into skittergate with a fk, handgun rv, shieldmaiden and unchained then i’m gonna be like ‘aah here we go again’ and i prepare myself for a super tedious skittergate finale, because if we remove skittergate finale boss, it’s among the easier maps in the qp pool

I think phase 3 nurgloth is miles ahead of skittergate boss. So I don’t really know which answer you seek.

I’m not seeking an answer, i’m just tryna give you an answer.

I have literally outlined how to negate the knockback from his scythe swings a dozen replies above this one.

I just want to be able to finish QP maps that are in QP pool, that’s kinda all I ask from this game. I don’t care about hard challenges existing, as long as it’s outside QP pool. Nurgloth is a hard challenge.

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Yes it’s ‘harder’ then the other boss maps, but not to the extent of FoW or weaves.

It’s not so much that it’s hard (it is) but that it feels so unjust or downright RNG when I get downed in the third phase.

Phase 1 & 2 the community has largely learned to counter/hide from flies/ manage Adds and Floor properly. Phase 3 is still often a pure RNG of team composition and when you land if you get scythe-swiped. QP is a wasted effort most of the time on this map, even now lots have got the secrets and are charging through - it’s still a waste of time.


In this universe plenty of people have no problem doing the ‘impossible’. Your ‘if’(it’s impossible) is incorrect at every turn, so your ‘therefore’(fix it) is inaccurate

Yeah, and in this universe, plenty of people visibly do not play QP and therefore do not acknowledge reality.

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What do you mean?

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I’m pretty sure he’s referring wring to people like me. Whenever we queue up quick play we tend to hide under a blanket and question reality, just like all the other great philosophers.