Bots(cata) vs Nurgloth

Is this even the right category for this? I really don’t know.

Phase 1 - Flies

The bots have no idea as to how to handle the horde and the flies at the same time.
Could you make make them literally hug our asses in this boss fight? This way at least they are close enough so that we can get the flies off of them. I am also fine with a different solution that would solve the aforementioned issue.

Phase 2 - Ringing the bell on the ground

The bots repeatedly suicide by trying to fight Nurgloth in melee. We all know that during this phase, when people get close, he either does an AOE knockback or swings his scythe. Should you be unfortunate enough for him to decide to start swinging, the bots die in no time.

Have the bots focus the horde instead of the boss? Something along those lines. If it’s a BH bot(with the double shotted talent) they could try ult him.

I don’t really care about Phase 3. The bots could never clutch and I certainly do not expect them to be buffed to the point where they are worth more than just bait.

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