Another faulty Easy Anti-Cheat crash

To replicate:

  1. Play Vermintide 2 on a legitimate account.
  2. Watch as Easy Anti-Cheat erroneously triggers and shuts down your game.
  3. Profit?

I was playing Horn of Magnus on Champion, in a private session with just bots. I had completed the rune, and had just got onto the rooftops to cross to the Magnus Tower. A horde spawned with a troll and a number of specials. I had just killed the troll, cleared the horde and was finishing off the specials when two additional Blightstormers spawned and dropped simultaneous blightstorms. About 2 seconds later the game crashed to desktop.

After crashing I received an error message titled ‘Easy Anti-Cheat’, which said that an access violation had been detected.

This is the first time I’ve encountered this in the last two weeks since I started playing again, so probably once in the last 10-15 hours of game time. Which is at least once too often, given that Fatshark promised that their DRM would NEVER interfere with the game experience.

I recall experiencing this faulty DRM bug back when I previously played Vermintide 2, closer to launch and had assumed it had been fixed. Silly me.

When the game crashed, I received an error message stating that Easy Anti-Cheat had detected some kind of violation. Which was clearly false.

GUID: b34e97dc-7ad9-4bc9-af48-e537acca9460
Log File:
Info Type:

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