Another BBB

are there still plans for another big balance beta this year? its getting to the point where its probably too late but I’m just wondering.

regardless of that what do you guys want to see addressed in it?

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No, not this year, I don’t know where, but it was stated by FS employees somewhere here in the forums, that the 2nd BBB will be delayed until 2021.


The 2nd BBB happened in the Summer. I remember the devs saying they wanted to try something with Huntsman later this year, but probably not a pressing matter with the release of Outcast Engineer and Chaos Wastes.

We´re probably going to be, should be, dealing with bugfixes for the next few months given how extremely many of them have appeared and/or returned.

New content and reworking old stuff isnt bad but only on the basis that the foundation itself isnt falling apart, which it is in some corners. Such as bugged matchmaking, disablers crashing the game, spawns bugging out and so on.

For instance just yesterday i had the dubious pleasure of having a horde spawn ontop of me, without any sound que, and a packmaster behind a rock just a few steps away whilst i was stuck inside the horde. Dark omens map.

Then on Athel Yenlui when walking through the ravine i got to see an assassin spawn on the cliffside before jumping at me before it´s “warning sound” had even finished. I dodge that aaaaaand…a second one that spawned at the same time, without any sound, got me from behind.

Game be suffering a serious case of spaghetti code -_-


The game still crashed on Weaves. Moreover, the game crashed upon reaching the Exit Portal - right now I have lost my Heroic Deed in this way.

And you haven’t even mentioned the Winds of Magic…al Crashing. Well, regarding bugfixing, QoL changes and player demands like a new crafting system, loot and progresion overhaul, actual skins/frames and not only recolors, weaves rework (matchmaking, balance, etc. etc. etc.) this game is simply not delivering… but hey Darktide is on the way and I’m sure everything is fixed then. :+1:
Sry for salty post but honestly, it feels like FS is not testing their sh!t even once… it’s just super frustrating to play this game for half an hour and just crash to desktop without any notification nor error message. And on top of that the developers do not communicate at all what doesn’t makes it any better.


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