Career BBB

Remember that BBB that was going to be focused on careers, supposedly coming sometime around the end of 2020? Is there any update on it? Has it been pushed back? Is it still even being worked on or considered?


it was pushed back in November


It was cancelled due to immense backlash. No one wants balance patches.

Is this true? I swear I remembered it the way that majority of people liked the changes :confused:

I know a lot of people who disliked a lot of changes in that BBB, but literally none of them doesn’t want any balance changes at all.
Balance changes keep the game fresh even for veterans, opens room for more theorycrafting, testing and new builds. I would even dare to say that new balance changes are more fun for older players than stuff like Weaves/Chaos Wastes, though that’s a bit more personal.
That’s… really sad, honestly. I was waiting for second half of BBB. Even if it was going to be a total mess, that’s still something. And considering how much feedback the devs and other guys from the community who helped with the BBB got it’s really weird the decision was to cancel BBB.

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it is joke


You just pulled off a “Return to the Reik” type of joke
I was really curious about real state of BBB because there was silence from the devs since that “second half of BBB is coming somewhere around whatever”.
Not to say it’s a bad joke, but it just feels out of place.
I really want to know what’s the current state of BBB.

It will come. Eventually. With CW out of the way and generally goo receiption the likehood increased again. However, I would think that the main focus currently sits on the follow-up, namely:

  • Further fixing of most annoying bugs (mostly around CW)
  • Pushing out the Premium Cosmetics for funding (ideally while playership is still high)
  • Pushing out remaining Premium Careers (at least one)

Then there is the optional stuff which may or may not be worked on like:

  • Further additions to the Wastes (like more maps and boons)?
  • A new adventure maps DLC (which has been developed in parallel to the Wastes)?

Would also like to mention that the next career BBB will be partially geared towards careers which are on the higher front of power level so I don’t know if some people should look forward to that. Because it might for the first time in a long time come with some career nerfs (at least I hope so). Also, it contains at least one problem child which has to receive major design change (if they want him to be somewhat interesting to play, in contrast to right now).

Is there anywhere that I can sort of preview what will be changed?

No, my comment is based on assumption. Regarding which careers we had last time, we can assume which careers will be part of the next BBB.

There is a unwritten law that states: BBBs can only be done when you can write “BBB” into the forum and people ask what the hell a BBB is.

We’re still working on some stuff in the background like thp and stagger talent tweaks but schedules and life stuff means we have no real idea when we’ll be done with it. Also no guarantee FS will do anything with it ofc.

But yeah we received a lot of feedback on things and have had a lot of time to reflect on stuff so who knows, maybe we will circle back around to weapons at some point if FS doesn’t. Unsure if we’re keen on touching careers since that’s a lot more work on multiple fronts.

Also on the “backlash” comments earlier: lmao

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