Need a BBB

I’m talking about a BBB who retouches some talents for certain characters, weapon features and trinkets, charms and necklace. (Are there some goods in Chaos Wastes, it is possible to put some on the basic mode? It would be good for something new in the game) And the deeds! Even though I finished my 500 deeds a while ago, it’s pretty cool and adds a challenge!

Come back in September, once holidays are out of the way in Sweden.


I don’t believe so, sorry to say. But there may be plans to have another kind of beta whilst most (but not all) the Sharks are out of the tank for the summer holidays. No promises though. I’ll chase this up.

From Fatshark Hedge. There will be no BBB but something else?

The last BBB was mostly a community effort endorced by the Sharks, so maybe if community unites and goes all Captain Planet, things might take a good turn.

Well at least I know how I would like to contribute for that. Looks at a personal list of suggestions hidden off-screen

It would then be necessary, there are certain things that deserve a touch-up or additions