An idea for a PVP mode

So, before dismissing the idea out of hand, consider the following.

I doubt there’s ever gonna be pvp in VT2. the maps just aren’t designed for it. Unless… what if Fat Shark did a pvp where one player acts as a sort of dungeon master? Choosing what to spawn (with a cooldown of course to prevent spamming) and maybe has the ability to take control of units? and the ai takes over spawning whilst the dungeon master controls a unit?

Admittedly, the game may not be designed for it and it may be a lot of work. So there’s definitely a possibility that it’s just too much work to be worthwhile.


A dungeon master type system would probably work best. The DM would have an overhead map view to place units and tell them where to go or what to do like an RTS game. The ambient mobs would still do their own thing though. There would also be a free cam mode to spectate the battle better.

Maybe the DM could have a modifier system where you can pick a certain number of mods for your various troops types, like more health, more damage, faster reaction speed, faster spawn cooldowns etc. Kind of like deed modifiers, but less powerful and more customizable.

As an example, you could upgrade your SV to take alot less damage from grenades, making grenades less powerful verse SV patrols.

There’s 2 limiting factor to this system. Firstly, what would the incentive be for the DM player to play in the first place, maybe some DM mode exclusive rewards, like character skins, frames etc? The second factor is, would it be worth the development time? I’d argue it wouldn’t be worth it right now, but maybe if this year gets alot of new content then a DM type mode might be worth it for next year.

As for a PvP system like KF2s, L4D etc. i don’t think it’d work very well or at all. VT2 just isn’t designed for that type of gameplay.


I agree with all of your points.

Perhaps as a reward for playing the dungeon master the player could unlock different upgrades/perks for the skaven/chaos troops, cosmetics, unique weapon modifiers for rerolling traits in crafting, frames, etc. as you suggest. Perhaps, the player who plays the dungeon master often enough could receive an in game title or special color for their name in chat (like how Fat Shark seems to have an orange color on their twitch streams)

I also admit that your probably right that it may not be worth the effort to develop at this time, but maybe in the future if the game continues to sell well and more people come in.

I also agree a pvp mode like L4D or KF2 would definitely not work.

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So I absolutely love this concept for 2 reasons: it allows me to help my team coalesce as friends by posing unique challenges to them and I would find it absolutely riveting to be in control of the bad-guys as the AI Director. I am a huge fan of all things Chaos; they are terrifying and awe-inspiring all while being extremely evil and clever.

@RaNdOmKiLs666, I’ll have to disagree that lack of rewards would be a limiting factor. I’d play that mode as a replacement for breathing without a second thought about a crappy, randomized loot-box. However, I think it would be rad if I could slap on a new skin to the Rogre when I’m the Director (as a cosmetic reward/drop). Not necessary, but nifty.

It would likely be a pretty extreme development time. It would be complicated to create, hard to balance, and filled with bugs no one could have seen coming. It also can’t have rewards associated with it for the 4 -players because your friend could play the Director and never send anything at you… it’d have to be an entirely different game type. Very hard to make. Probably wouldn’t get played a lot.

I doubt we’ll ever see something like that. I didn’t know I wanted it… but here I am, wanting.


To be fair, KF2’s versus doesn’t even work in KF2 :wink:

But this here, this is the only version of VT versus that I could actually see working. Very good idea! It’ll never be, but one can dream.


great idea.

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