Announcing Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Versus!

Hi Hedge, great work with all the content you guys do but please think about us who dont really want a versus mode aswell. The idea that unlocks and content are being locked behind versus mode is very unfortunate for us but its understandable if its for those who do enjoy versus. Try and keep these modes separate please and as balanced as possible. I really would not want to see the community to become as toxic as the left 4 dead community has. Thanks for the great work again and hope you read this message.

Duuuuuuude - this would be SICK!!!


Well honestly i wasn’t expecting a lot but dam … haven’t been so hyped for a good while.


I must be the only person who’s just totally not interested in this. It’s a game mode I know I will never play. At least there are plenty of other great games to play at the moment.


I’m not sure how to feel about PvP being added, on the one hand it adds more variety, but on the other hand i don’t see myself playing this mode a crazy lot, i might play it every now and then, but i’ll be playing regular co-op the other 90% of the time.

Regarding PvP only unlocks: I bought the game as a co-op game (because it was literally only that sort of game when i bought it) and tying unlocks to this PvP mode seems a bit annoying for those who don’t want to/rarely play PvP, but those same people might want new skins/weapons for there co-op experience and can’t get them because the particular one they’re after is locked to a PvP mode. Do you see the issue with this? It’s like pay walling content, but instead of paying money, you have to pay in time by playing a game mode you might dislike, just to get a skin you want. Then again it might not matter too much to most people, but there’s bound to be some people who’ll get annoyed by this. Just thought i’d point this out.

Lastly since PvP modes are on the table now, consider adding a dungeon master/director type mode like the one that was suggested in this thread An idea for a PVP mode

I’d probably play a PvP mode like this a heck of a lot more then the L4D style one your offering and i’m sure some other people would share a similar veiw.

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Thank you so much for making this happen! I’ve been wanting a next Left4Dead but lost hope because Valve doesn’t make games anymore.


I’m a bit concerned about it being a standalone game. As far as I can tell, it’s going to be the exact same game as Vermintide 2, just with the addition of being able to play as the Pact-sworn.

Thus, it’s going to have the same features (with the aforementioned exception of the Versus mode) and thus also take the same amount of space - which is around 50 GB if I recall correctly.

Pricing is also a great concern, and there’s downsides no matter what decision is made. If it costs less than the base game, people can just buy Vermintide 2 - Versus without having to buy the base game (since it’s standalone), which means they get the same features in addition to the Versus for less money than the people who bought the base game.

If it costs just as much as the base game, it’s kind of the same problem. More features for less money.

If it costs more than the base game, the people who’ve already bought V2 now have to pay for the base game again, along with a small amount extra, just to be able to play the Versus mode.

I can also imagine it’d be a problem with progression not carrying over from one to the other (the fact that it’s going to quote “work in a different way altogether” already sounds concerning), or the Versus-specific unlocks that I’ve been hearing others talk about transferring over to the base game.

It would, to me, make far more sense for it to be a DLC-gamemode for V2. From the disc space, to the pricing, to the progression and unlocks, to even just the ease of accessing it inside of the base game, it just all seems so much more simple.

I am fully aware it’s subject to change and might not end up being a standalone in the end, I just thought I’d voice my opinion. Other than that, Versus is looking great.


I think they just poorly worded it, it wouldn’t make any sence to make it a separate game and if they did well…

  1. That’s stupid, just add it as a optional downloadable add on to VT2. (the reason i’d make it optional is to save on hard drive space)
  2. R.I.P hard drive space, that’s easily 100GB combined.
  3. It’d seem like a lazy cash grab, especially if it’s going to cost the same as the regular game.

At first I got a bit hyped. Now I’m not sure anymore. I would not be interested if this proves to be standalone for which you have to pay extra and download/store the complete game again on your hdd.
Also if it’s dlc and implemented into the core game it’s going to split the community again, since there’re going to be goodies in Versus if you own V2 and mybe vice versa. I don’t apply to this “collectors mentality” for which I am sure many gamers will, and some even just buy this to have their collection complete.
I can see Versus as a free or very cheap addon via a third realm aside from “offical” and “modded”. It might be a fun thing to add but nothing that really motivates me playing in the long run.

I like V2 a lot (playing several matches per week since release) not only because of it’s great atmo and very satisfying combat. I’m especially a fan of end-time scenarios where you fight against all odds. Even if you suceed, you loose in the end. Lore-wise we all know what will happen in the end…
This special atmosphere appeals to me since it’s a perfect metaphor for life itself. In the end we all die, no one’s getting out “alive” no matter what you do, etc…

I didn’t mean to get too philosophical here, but wanted to make a point: I have little interest in playing the winning faction/swapping sides because the atmo of this game feels very complete on it’s own. It needs enhancements like a new adventure/mission/more and deeper lore/maybe a new char/etc… since this universe is just so rich! Gameplay/engine/server optimisation should come beforehand.

For the sake of fun I would give it a go if it comes for free as an added realm like described before.
If it’s not free and standalone it feels it’s not worth the effort to re-pay, re-download a whole game for just a “gamemode” (!) that might bring in a bit of fun…

I really appreciate Fatsharks work for us, but Versus overall feels just like a marketing strategy.
Yes, we have very little information about Versus so far. So consider my opinion regarding this addon (?) may change in the future. For the better or worse.


While I do agree with you that it likely isn’t the biggest long-term solution to keeping a massive player-base, it’s important to note that other games have based the entirety of their AAA gameplay on no-progression PvP. Some of the biggest games in history have had it (well, this’ll be too obvious a point, but L4D was entirely built on it and they somehow salvaged a second game out of it…).

I think it’s good to look at this mode as the same thing: this is a way to sit down with your friends and play a game you like and laugh. It’s not about atmosphere or being immersed, it’s not about winning every match: it’s about grabbing your friends and pulling off whacky hijinx that wouldn’t work in the rest of the game.

Imagine someone pegging a Shade Kerillian with a Gutter-Runner while she is stealthed! The AI will never do that, but a player could. Now imagine the Uber-doober 5 getting stomped only for the Rat-Ogre to say “wait, where’s their Kruber?” Oh, he’s 7 buildings away and almost at the end of the level making a run for it.

I can’t wait. Regardless of what happens, I’m willing to bet it’ll be fun :smiley:


What a disappointment. It’s sad endeed, that you, Fatshark, can’t learn from mistakes of the other game developers, so you’ll waste your time and resources on that garbage mode instead of making the cooperative part of the game better. PvP modes in coop games always ended up broken and abandoned, just look at Killing floor 2 versus, Warframe conclave etc.

Yeah hum, they actually said it was made during “free weeks”, and they haven’t moved any ressource from the main game.
So maybe it’ll get abandonned, but it doesn’t mean it has wasted and will waste any coop pve ressource. And maybe it won’t, and then it’s all bonus.

(Not saying the mode is great tho, I’m not interested at all. But it’s not a terrible mistake from them)

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Or you know just let them do their things because a lot of ppl liked that mode and you know there is even 40k version of it and its hella popular its called space hulk

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I don’t know why you talk about the SpaceHulk here, this one is way worse than Vermintide in many aspects, but we’ll see how many of that “ppl who like PvP” will be here in 6 months after release. Not much, i assume. I remember well, how it ended up in KF2.

How many “free weeks” could have been used to support the console game? No events this year, slow updates, and Christmas in April.

Christmas on April wasn’t on FS end, and I’m pretty sure the guys who worked on Versus aren’t able to work on consoles.
Making games isn’t only beep boop content delivered, and working in video games doesn’t mean you can do anything related to video games.

Plus, the whole concept of “free weeks” is detailed on the FAQ, and is NOT to simply work more on what they already do in all the usual times…

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…what?! You mean the other developers that added pvp modes which made their games way more popular long term?

I mean come on, the most obvious comparison with vermintide is left4dead, and pvp is what carried both the first game and the sequel. Heck you can still find matches of pvp pretty easily today in both of those games.

It’s fair if you don’t care for pvp mode, but it’s pretty clear this will be a boon to the games longevity.


I Think its great FS bringing in pvp im not sure how often I gona play this but i will give it a try anyway .
Im not sure why ppl would have problems when pvp Players getting other Skins or stuff ?? I Think its ok to reward ppl Who buy and play this .
Im sure the stuff you get from this Mode wont make youre Charakter stronger and will just be cosmetic like bevore so you dont really need to grind a mod you dont like , anything else sounds a bit childish to me . I Think its great FS want to make comunity grow .

Bring new ppl in that maby give the game a try now cause there many ppl that dont want to play a coop only.
Nobody forces you to play this mod you still got youre coop game.
And for all those “cashgrab” coments i dont see a Problem FS Got bills to pay and they dont use Microtrans. So what ? you want more content ? Let them find ways to pay thier employed


How is Christmas in April not on FS end? They’re the game developer. It’s completely on their end.

They’re paying people to work on Verses and Dreadlands. If they put that money into people to work on console, we’d have better console support. We had much better support on Verm 1. Verm 2 should have never been released on consoles if this is how they’re going to support it.

At this point, they need to just announce they’re ending console support and move on. I can’t give FS any more of my money until they show they’re going to give the game the support it deserves on the platform I play on.

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