Am I the only one? (Another Drink Anyone?)

Like to start out by saying how good Vermintide2 is and despite its 5 years of existence that’s a pretty long run for a game, in most developers eyes… So congrats to Fatshark on achieving this milestone and good luck for future en devours.

I am an old romantic and there’s nothing better than a good old drinking session to celebrate an anniversary but each year the misses often wants me to change things up, keep things fresh… little does she know I have a little website called google that has given me 34 different things I could do on an anniversary; thats 34 things, 34 years of memories, a year to spend on each to make her know I care about her. I don’t have a misses, I play Vermitide2; who in their right mind would be here writing a forum post in the hope a developer might see it and suggest such a search…

I’m here because I care alot about this game its kept me entertained during this lockdown, this game still makes me question how I could get better, what adventures I will have… I said I wouldn’t buy the helmets… I just bought them at 79%~ discount… I tell players who moan about a DLC map they don’t enjoy, about the easter eggs they might have missed, explain there’s an orkris challenge they can unlock, a door that’s possible to open, a grim location?! they didnt know existed…

The community of this game is unique. I don’t post here often but I am a member of the facebook group, and the SwaggerDagger squad… and watch you tube videos about this game (The Party Knife is dope?!)… I don’t have a twitch account (but I like twitch mode due to this game!!). The time Party Knife takes to explain some of the mechanics in this game, minus the tools to effectively show these, are a demonstration of his devotion to this game, that’s just one member of this community. I’d like to see anyone put that much effort into Fortnite. Unfortunately, I have seen a few members of this community, that taught me alot about the game (since I never played V1), they had YouTube channels that have not posted videos or have moved onto other games… Nevertheless, the playerbase on PC has remained strong and demonstrate great team confidence, I put this down to the lack of competition and toxicity that many other games have.

I keep bringing myself back to the changes you are continuing to make to the game and the upcoming DLC chaos wastes to reassure me; They will I hope bring new players to the game, the QoL fixes you have made shows you know what the issues are and are very capable of making the changes alot of which already exist in mod form. Player List Plus, Armory, Bestiary, some better keep utility to test weapons, breakpoints etc could really improve the skill base of the players joining this game for the first time…

So next year, can we have a different event or some easter eggs to find or a full book run of the event map or some challenges, something to give the players for sticking with you for another year and can we have a new set of hats, (I have all of these now) including the shark head… you promised alot and for the price tag I shouldnt be complaining but there is an active community willing to tell you how little things will make a huge difference, consider it an investment into your future en-devours.




This is a nice and positive thread but I don’t exactly know what you’re asking for or what you’re expecting.

5 years of the Vermintide franchise. Vermintide 2 has only been out since 2018.

Who moved on? As far as I know the only person who stopped making videos was Jsat but he left to pursue his career and take care of his family. Concerning The Party Knife, yeah, his videos are fun and can be informative but he also posts game exploits and glitches to the community instead of reporting them to Fatshark to get fixed.

Fatshark has a lot of things planned for Vermintide 2 but since they are still a small company of around 100 employees, it takes a while. Do you really have all of the hats? Because I did the math and you couldn’t possibly have bought all the hats in Lohner’s Shop with the miniscule amount of shillings we get each week.

The game and it’s DLC are incredibly cheap considering most games that come out are $60 or more.

Unless you’re comparing V2 to Battle Royale free to play games…

Very insightful

Read whatever that post was and it is.


That’s not a copypasta, is it?

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Looks drunk lol

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Wow such a long but very nice post, I love how much detail you made this with, more communities did this without it being something on their blog post or profile

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I want non stop drunk voice lines that can’t be interrupted. Queen Kerrillian demands it!