I expect a big surprise on March 8

There is only one month left until the anniversary of Vermintide 2 and I hope to see something 100% new. The number of bugs has been reduced considerably and the game is on all platforms. 2019 should be the year of Vermintide 2.

If by the contrary we continue having 2-3 maps in small DLCs, it does not have to be bad, maybe they are working in V3 or a new game different from this saga.

Whatever it is, I’m waiting for an important announcement for the anniversary :slight_smile:


They told us to hold their beer in the new year… haven’t seen anything yet…

Last real update was in December, and the consoles haven’t even got that update yet. Just have to wait and see I guess. The anniversary will no doubt be a big update, at least I hope. And perhaps that’s why we haven’t really seen anything in the past few weeks.


Yeah, my group are getting perilously close to being done. I play this for the social aspect and the end game challenge now. Once you get multiples of all reds loot becomes meaningless. If the social aspect goes then I’m also done. 1500 hours is a lot of time I’ve had out of the game but I would also like them to take care of their end game players.


I am slowly starting to being done too…
Today i join a game have a over hundred ping and leave. So far so good. Not Fatshark’s fault.
I wait a minute and do a quickplay again. Of course i join the same player. I help with the current horde and leave. This time i wait two minutes. I get matched the third time with the same player. I alt F4 out of the game, rage on this forum and now im going to play Dying light…


TBH I am waiting for what will happen on March 8. I hope this time we don’t get something done with low effort like Bogenhafen DLC (2 maps and bunch of cosmetics… plz :confused: ) or some recycled ideas (Back to Ubersraik - ok is good but c’mon, you can afford something better) So… I hold this beer and wait what a surprise awaits us in March.


I’ve found that I really love the end game aspect of this game - the way you can still get your thrills from the anarchy and chaos of legendary missions and deeds. I am also greatly anticipating March 8th as well.

A new character would be nice - though they have said in the past they won’t add one because of challenges to adding dialog between characters, but tbh, I don’t know that I am as interested in authenticity and dialog, as I am in the fun factor and game play.

I have always wished (for instance) that they would create something akin to an “Arcade Mode”, where you are allowed to pick the same class - and the dialog could just limited to commentary on the world - and not between the characters. Heck I could care less if I didn’t hear Kerrillian insult Kruber one more time, If I got to play a 4 Slayer legendary mission - THAT TO ME WOULD BE AMAZING!!! for fun - similar thing has been added in other games - like Overwatch’s Arcade and game creator modes. it could be something that players create i.e. I create a mode where there’s all assassin rats (not with mods, but through in game menus etc). Or a mode where only Slayers are allowed. Or only staff weapons etc…

Anyway, I know that won’t happen, and I digress. And I do agree that we need some new content - in terms of mechanics and playable characters

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I’ve decided to take a break to avoid total burn-out and, hoefully, will return for the new update. I hope it’s going to be something innovative and cool, if not well… there’s still Chaosbane :smiley:


I have done the same. I will have to wait a month to see the anniversary surprise.

ya and i start to feel stupid with that beer in my hand, i dont even drink beer :confused:

well lets hope its gonna be good what comes next

cuz meanwhile i became a deed beggar :frowning: which isnt a nice thing
like the people i do deeds with we ran out of them … so i have to ask anything that cant hide fast enough for deeds

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What if they were to add the ability to play as five players and have the full team? Granted I’ve only had the game for five days and me and my buddies have made it to Champion so I can’t say I’ve reached the end.

In VT1, the four players and five characters was (apparently) done for even the last player to always have a choice. While that still applies some, that particular reason’s weight is reduced now that we have different Careers. This would imply that having a fifth player is possible, but for other reasons, I think that’s still very unlikely.

Most importantly, the game is balanced for four players (and unlike Borderlands or a few other, the difficulty doesn’t adjust dynamically to different player amounts), so adding another player slot would require changing practically every piece of balancing in the game. There is also the possibility that the game is coded in a way that makes adding another slot impossible, or nearly so. At least it would increase the load placed on everyone’s computers.

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I for one hope they will not add a 6th character.
Just because it’s asked for so often with no rhyme or reason.
That said, they did talk about mutators already, right?
That and a new map or two would already satisfy me.
But, how about missions, more complex than in VT1?
Why not a sort of generated campaign where we have to perform certain feats in a series of maps with deed modifiers?
And, of course, still waiting on burning claws for sienna.
A man can hope.

So you do not expect too much :stuck_out_tongue:

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Burning claws?? I’m intrigued… what is this you speak of?

Maybe a bit more dude

I Hope They Go all out on March 8 no holding back y’all

you can do that in the modded realm. better yet, play onslaught mod with 4 slayers.

I’d be really happy with new content, but making the game artificially longer? please no.
I know i’d like to get every hat and stuff, and as such i’m trying to stay on the offical realm.
But I see all the artificial achievements (1500 missions played) and the RNGs walls behind items as barriers.
I think the real endgame is getting to the modded realm and playing crazy - madcap - mutators until you are king of those, and/or tweak the game with your team to make it as you want.

Hopefully they do something to the deed system so it’s actually worth playing :slight_smile:

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Deeds are what’s worth playing the most in verminide imho, great fun. but they should could rework it.

Sadly, nothing official. Aka, nothing that Fatshark has confirmed they would be doing.
It was suggested in the past, and, turns out, there’s actually references and spells in some warhammer material that make it look like a quite reasonable approach.
I just want them because it’d be a rather fluffy weapon for unchained.

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