I expect a big surprise on March 8

Deeds and mutators being worked on is official, but other than that, nothing official yet… But perhaps x-mas is coming early this year…


I might be alone on this, but I’ll admit I’m not very excited about this whole mutators thing…
I’ve never been a massive fan of deeds either (me and my friends are not the kind of players who necessarily seek the hardest challenge possible, we’re quite content with Legend adn FoW), and that thing where you ahve to stay within 4 paces of your teammates seems like a one-shot experience. try it onc eor twice, get a good laugh then move to something else.

I understand it can be a great idea to introduce a new mechanic and that some players are gonna love it, but if that’s all we get on March 8, it’s not worth my beer.


If they only present the mutators it means that they´re working on a new game.

They created V2 in two years, bringing all this as new content:

  • Nurgle faction
  • 15 careers
  • New units for the Skaven
  • 12 new maps
  • 4 bosses
  • A great castle

All this in addition to DLCs for V1.
It’s going to be a year since launch, if they’re really working 100% on V2 they should have something big ready. Currently the company is stronger, has more workers and received 50 million from Tencent.

There are only two options: a big content expansion or a new game.

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Well, they said they’re gonna keep the game going for 5 years, possibly 10 years. There needs to be some big updates to keep people interested. Even now, most of us will have got all the Bög dlc chests. So there goes our weekly quests…

It’d be nice if they added in monthly or weekly quests to keep people engaged. How hard is it to design new portraits for this? They could even throw in a monthly quest or assignment that let’s us work towards a glowing skin for one of our weapons. I’m sure it’s not hard to change the glow to yellow or red, etc. Give us community events, like slay a certain amount of rats/chaos or bosses, etc.

I’m not a expert, but all the ground work seems to be laid already with challanges book. Just add some events for us in between DLCs.


V2 according to @Fatshark, is going to have a 5-10 year support life, so I doubt they are working on V3

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If I remember correctly, they have 5 staff working on future projects and concept stuff.

Pretty much the same here. Out of my group of friends only 1 still plays on a daily basis. There’s been a sharp dropoff in veteran players this month in my experience, to the point that it’s getting annoying just trying to complete my daily quests. I’ve got over 700 hours into the game and I can instantly spot when someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, a lot of the people in the legend queue don’t even know how to block.


Had groups this week that didn’t even know the location of tomes in the original maps… it’s probably just all the new humble bundle players. Which I don’t mind, we need new players to keep the game going. I don’t mind taking the time to teach them the locations and stuff. But I had groups this week, upon showing them the locations. They would not pick up the books… didn’t want to lose their healing pot.

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I think those of us who are 800 hours+ are getting a bit jaded. There are loads of recruit and veteran games going on all the time (humble bundle people) and very few legend games.
When I do get a Legend game there’s usually a couple who are downed every two minutes - getting actual veteran players in Legend PUG’s is getting rarer.

The big surprise, of course, could be something promised a year ago and might actually arrive. #KeepTheKeep, decorations for your keep, pictures in the empty frames, themes for your keep unlocked via Challenges as well as what is more likely to be happening - mutators/deed crafting and a potential new couple of maps and possibly someone new. Dare I say it… Dedicated servers?

There is another alternative to the very vague rumour of a new character - a new nemesis for the UB5. Possibly the shaman who interfered in the Illusions in UB DLC? A new rotblood Shaman who masterminds things with a new enemy type (like the Chaos Sorcerer hidden files in the game) would be a “new character.” Reddit would have an apoplectic fit if the new character was an enemy rather than Okri turning up in hobnail boots.

My money is on;
+Deeds getting crafted from the 999+ of stuff in my Inventory.
+Some more frames associated with the new deeds.
+Something for the keep.
+Balance changes that cause some kind of Grand Mal Seizure on a forumwide scale.
+More Death Threats for VT staff as there isn’t a new character to be seen.

I think the biggest problem the game (still) has is that the experience of going through recruit-veteran-champion does nothing at all to teach you the combat basics you need to survive on legend. The majority of people I meet in the legend queue right now are recruit level at best looking at this chart. They can only handle enemies coming from one direction at once because they never dodge or block. When they fight they look like a man covered in spiders, they just flail wildly in all directions and try to kill everything before it can hit them back. This kind of play actually works on champion and below, but when these people jump into legend they drown. Rats boil out of the ground, they all get surrounded and instantly die. Meanwhile I’m doing the Legend+ thing by dodging in a wide circle to stop the rats from getting behind me and picking off a few at a time until they are all dead. It’s especially irritating when they blame me for “abandoning” them and being a bad player. I don’t mind carrying people but I’m not gonna tie your shoes.

In order to fix this they would need some kind of comprehensive tutorial, the one we currently have is more like a cutscene because it teaches you the buttons for dodge and block but doesn’t convey how important it is to do so. Maybe have some kinda of “holodeck” training simulator that gives focused lessons on specific things, like how to dodge dance a boss. You could explain it as one of Oleysia’s illusions. Making such a feature would be a large undertaking on par with adding a whole new map, but I hope they find the time somewhere because right now the new player experience is not so great.


I really wanted to add more decoration to the castle. All this will make the wait until the anniversary more bearable :slight_smile:

Yea, that was on stream. Meh for me, this features should be from the beginning. I want real content.

In Guild Wars 2 they had areas where your level was balanced to the current area, so as a vetera player you could go back to the first area and help new players and also have your POWER LEVEL and EQUIPMENT LEVEL balanced to the current area.

Similarly, a players hero and weapon power should be balanced to the difficulty you are playing. Legend+ players who join recruit should have their hero power and weapon power adjusted down accordingly, and they should only gain from the max stats of the red weapons and the traits etc.

This might make veterans go and play lower difficulties. Give some kind of “mentor” bonus to incentivize veterans helping new players when a veteran is logged on alone and they’re not in their usual play groups.
This could be a pseudo-fix for the extensive tutorial you mentioned. Getting experienced players to help noobs is a sure-fire way of increasing the longevity of the game.

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I was under the impression that hero power was scaled down, though I guess you’re talking about scaling it down further. I guess this could be a good idea. What about an xp bonus that scales for players depending on how much above the hero power cap for the difficulty and applies for both the veteran player and each party member between some set level range.

For example, hero power of 600 on recruit, 20% bonus xp per rookie player between lvl 1 and 7 (start to unlocking of first opportunity of changing career). or hero power 600 on veteran, 20% bonus xp per rookie player between lvl 5-12. etc. (maybe also apply it if the new players have less than 25-50 hours and meet the above requirements?)

Maybe also give the veteran players the loot chest from the next difficulty up if they get all the tomes and the grims if they’re helping out new players? (This might help the newer players finding the tomes and grims/understanding how grims work)

I don’t know, it’s a decent idea. It would definitely get more people playing with newer players more often.

That is already the case.
Always has been.
But the limits are set for player progression, for players that would rather level some more before taking the leap to the next difficulty - not for Legend players going to a lower setting.
The mentor-idea is good, but I’d incentivise it with something those people can use.
I set on hundreds of chests and I have no need for xp - I only pick up books because that’s what we’re supposed to be doing, it’d be easy otherwise.

Doubt will get something like that, though. Well, not in the next 2 months, anyways.

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