Always Strike First Mods and Macros

So how does the community AND the devs feel about these kinds of mods and/or macros?

My take is that they should be banned and give the mod community and the people that run them a bad name.

Maybe it’s just me, but I like the struggle of fighting Damnation runs (with or without high intensity - though I tend to lose the latter a lot more). Sure it’s PvE, but when someone just equips their melee as a psyker and wipes a horde in front of my zealot… gotta say it feels real bad. I decided to ask this based on a conversation I had with a macro “creator/user” during a damnation run after I noted their wiping of a horde at the final location.

Either way, what’s the communities thoughts on it? Just wanted to gauge if I’m alone in my assessment of it.

  • Strike First and Macros like it should be allowed
  • Mods that decrease fun and challenge/playability of classes should be “banned”

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I’m not sure what you’re referring to – what is “Strike First and Macros like it”? Can you link to it or a video or something? I don’t see anything on Nexus by this name. What does it do? How does it allow you to easily wipe hordes etc?

Btw I don’t think your poll is displaying properly, just a heads-up.

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The mod was deleted but it was here

Here is an example of a player who most likely held on to the first iteration of the mod, before the mod creator nerfed it a bit (and then subsequently deleted the mod I guess)

Because you aren’t forced to update mods, broken mods like that are going to work in perpetuity even if they’ve been banned and deleted


Welp, that definitely looks like cheating lol

I should say that re: this example mod in particular something similar existed in Vermintide 2 called DK Slayer. To prevent players from exploiting that, Fatshark added a delay to taking out the weapon preventing you from instantly swapping and attacking – so it’s something they have fixed in the past and theoretically could do here, but that solution can make weapons feel clunky.

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I find this whole issue puzzling tbh. If this isn’t an intended behavior from FS, it seems like the way to fix it would be to just not reset the melee attack sequence when the player swaps weapons. Seems much simpler than adding extra delays etc after swapping. And intuitively, it seems like these two things (current position of the player in the melee attack sequence, whether they’re currently holding the melee weapon) shouldn’t be coupled together anyway.

This looks like an angry grandfather mowing the lawn menacingly with a handscythe. Absolutely ridiculous. I approve.

Anyway, I don’t mind macros at all, but this quickswitch thing seems like an exploit. I’m glad the mod uploader removed it. We don’t want to get on Fatshark’s bad side when it comes to modding.

Sorry for the lack of context. I’d seen it quite a bit over on reddit and on a few streams, guess I had assumed it was more common knowledge.

Though it looks like someone else already provided a link, so that fixes that.

Looks like most other people are aware of it, I guess I’m just the odd man out. Your poll is still broken tho btw

OP is talking about the “Always first attack” mod that apparently has recently been deleted:
Credit to @zombine04 for the video

Basically, it quickly switches weapons between two left clicks so that you are always doing the first attack of a chain, which renders certain weapons - the ones with a very good first attack like Illisi force sword - stronger. It also makes the “limbspitter” blessing be up 100% of the time.

Imho it totally removes the intricacies of melee fighting from the game. Darktide is a game with huge emphasis on melee combat, and therefore has weapons with complex attack patterns and mechanics that requires skill and dedication to fully master. Learning and mastering the different combos of a weapon is a huge part of the gameplay loop, and also a lot of fun.
This mod is made by lazy and unfun creators, for lazy and unfun players, who don’t seem to understand that Darktide is a non competitive pve game

That being said, the Psykers you are talking about are probably using Illisi FS with “slaughterer” blessing, which is currently absurdly strong vs hordes. You can achieve a closely similar result without the use of mod if you have a good rolled Illisi FS. The “always first attack” mod won’t turn a shitty weapon into a monster!

I say if you’ve manually learnt these inputs you’ve somewhat earnt your cheese and you’re splitting your focus somewhat to do it, so it kinda balances out. If you do this stuff with a macro or mod outside of private games you are a cheese lord and I frankly wish you would be banned.

Since unfortunately FS can’t rely on their players to act like decent people without being policed they will probably have to come up with a proper solution to stop this stuff in the future. They’ll probably end up going too hard on it and ruin QQing manually for limbsplitter and similar because some absolute dweebs found it necessary to make slaughter illisi even more broken.

TL;DR people suck.

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I really dont think Fatshark had it in mind that ultra no life’s would go out of their way to figure out how to always use the first attack in a chain. I agree it does make the game too easy when it is already too easy with the right teammates. Melee combat is very clearly desigend around players learning proper combos, spacing, stamina management, dodging, blocking and attack patterns of your weapons. Using mods and macros like that just throws it all out the window

Well, FS fixed thammer animation cancel. Assuming this any animation cancel should be treated as exploit and they should fix it or ban such mods. But they didn’t bother to touch QQ cancel in VT afaik, so most likely it will be a thing for a long time.

Ah, yeah it was. Fixed it now. Thanks for letting me know.

Good to know that it doesn’t improve “bad” weapons. Though the psykers I talked to, actively admitted to using macros and the mod to achieve their results. And those are the people I’m mostly wondering about.

Watching someone mimic Steve from Minecraft slapping a zombie with his pickaxe, all looks super dumb.