Allow to kick TKers at any point

Yesterday while riding the final elevator on Skittergate legend run I kindly asked to not shoot near the elf, cause she was carrying grim and was at 1 temp HP.
Then Sienna Unchained ezploded thus removing any chance of good reward (we have lost 1 Grim already, so this was our last grim and the book went through the floor. I tried to kick the player as a host, but could not. Stupidity/malice needs to be punished and that player deserved no XP, no reward etc. There may be some griefers who get TKed on purpose, but it’s such a rare case that I see no issue with it. I’ve seen idiots removing grim-carriers almost at bridge of shadows several times, a few times it was me who got TKed mostly by Sienna’s or kerilian’s ult launched straight in my face or some trigger happy Kruber testing my 1HP for blunderbuss resistance.

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I feel your pain.
Kicking them would be a bit too harsh in my opinion though. They didn’t do it on purpose, loot is not everything in the game, they have played for about half an hour with you, and they get punished as well as you do (getting worse loot I mean). If you are convinced they are not sorry, disband after that.
Long story short I think it’s something best served by a black list than a radical change like that. The change you advice could be abused in very bad ways, like kicking a player to get a friend of yours to get the loot or being just an ass.

The problem is - they do.
Don’t know why, but it’s usually Kerilian players - most likely channeling her bitchiness.

and they get punished as well as you do (getting worse loot I mean)

They aren’t “punished” by loss of loot, since it’s their calculated decision to kill a teammate. They are having fun of getting a reward same as the rest of the team, yes, mediocre, but the joy of ruining the run for others is apparently priceless and they most likely care more about TKing fun and less about finding red weapons.

Current system not only “can be abused”. It is abused. And all it takes for you to become victim is to be low on HP.
To become a victim of getting kicked for TK, you have to TK someone first. Now it requires TKer and his 2 friends to actually ruin THEIR OWN run. Doesn’t really make sense, does it?

IDK, get over it?
IMHO we play the game to squash rats and brutal-looking humies.
The chest at the end is just a cherry on top.
If an a-hole’s ruined the game? Tough luck, get over it, move on.
What I, personally, would REALLY love to see is a blacklist, cause I have met a looot of people who i don’t really want to play with.

But why exavtly do I have to get over obvious griefers? Shall we also ignore cheaters and sexual slurr, because we can “get over it”? People are ruining the fun of others and there’s an easy fix for it.

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