Allow Loadout Changing in Set Locations

My suggestion is allowing loadout changes at set locations ingame, perhaps from “stashes” near medical servitors, or in the points of no return mid mission.

What I am hoping to achieve here is swapping to a flashlight if I autoplay and get matched into a Lights Out game. However I can see advantages in being able to alter loadout once you see your team composition, if no one has ranged kill capability or crowd control capability you can adjust your playstyle.

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I would only like this option if it is at the very start of the mission (mostly to get a flashlight), but even then I would hate ot have to wait for an undecisive teammate to sort out their loadout every single game.

The other thing that would be goot to have is some way to see what your teammates loadout looks like during the “Ready” screen, and also in-game.

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