Allow custom CPU affinity (Easy Anti Cheat blocks it)

The game currently allows you to set extra worker threads all the way to 1 but Easy Anti Cheat blocks you from setting CPU affinity whatsoever which doesn’t make much sense given you already have some control over how many threads the game will use.

This can be helpful in the case of people streaming so they can make sure OBS (or whatever encoding software they use) does not use the same threads the game is attempting to use, avoiding fighting for resources, specially since the game has spikes that can lead to huge frame rate and frame time issues which do not appear while not streaming.

Would be specially helpful for Ryzen CPUs given their high core count and the fact that they have more than one CCX, this would allow to completely isolate the game CPU usage and streaming CPU usage for a better experience overall. Also would prevent the game using threads from the opposite CCX (which increases latency) given that Windows 10 scheduler is not aware of Ryzen 2 CCX design.

My request is to either set a way to specify CPU affinity via config files or (I’m guessing far easier) to stop Easy Anticheat from blocking CPU affinity changes.

In my particular case I would love to be able to leave the game running in cores 8-15 (2 main threads + 6 worker threads) and OBS on cores 0-7 to take full advantage of both Vermintide 2 multithreaded capabilities and be able to push x264 encoding higher without affecting the gameplay, specially when you get a horde or other situations that stress the game.


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You can, there is a way.

First download notepad++ (you’ll need a file editor, default notepad is not recommanded at all !!!)

(official website)

Install it.

Then, look for the file named user_settings.config (generally in the C drive)

Ways : search with windows, or go to : C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2
or in the windows main menu you can type in the searching field : %appdata% (valid with enter key).
It will open the right folder, then go to Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2

Make a copy back up of user_settings.config before editing it, (you copy paste it somewhere else)

Then, right clic on this file, open with notepad++

Now you can custom, look for the value :

you can set what ever you want now,

I recommand you to set your max cpu threads available less one, I tested so many configurations and this one is the best !

max_worker_threads = 3 (for me for I have max 4 threads)

Also you can change windows task priority this way :
Look for : process_priority

do this : process_priority = “high”

Have fun !

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Thanks but this is for CPU priority, not CPU affinity which is what my post is about.

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