KNOWN ISSUE: 'Worker Thread' Count Default Too High, Potential Performance Impact

We are working on an issue where the ‘Worker Thread’ count defaults to a value that may be too high for some PCs, which consequently has a negative impact on your performance.

In the mean time, we recommend lowering your ‘Worker Thread’ count - this value may vary depending on your unique set-up, so we recommend to experiment with what works for you.

For example: on a Threadripper CPU, it will default to a whooping 61 Worker Threads. In this example, you may wish to lower it to 16.

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Thanks for all the hard work.

Any chance you can give us a method to set the processor affinity mask for the game/worker threads? I think you’ll find that with CPUs that don’t have a unified L3 cache like Threadripper, and Ryzen 3900X/3950X are going to cache thrash when the threads are run on the different chiplets.

Also down the road it would be really helpful if there was some sort of benchmark we could run that would really tax the worker threads, so we could try different settings and see what performs the best on our individual hardware. I can’t speak for everyone but I think a lot of us would be willing to run the benchmark and upload the results so you have some solid data on how many worker threads are appropriate for different hardware configurations.


What would you recommend to use with a 5900x with 24 threads? It defaults to I think 22 and I have some bad fps drops

Any advice for an i5-13600k? Defaults to 17, and I set it to 9 currently

I hope we get official advice from FS, but personally I would go with ‘real cores’ +1. Hyper-threading is cool but it does not double performance.

For the 5900X I would go with 13.

I don’t have any real world experience with the P/E cores yet. For the 13600K I would go with 7 if you have E cores disabled, if they are enabled I would do some testing to see what works best starting at 7 and ending around 15.

I’m guessing 10 should be optimal: you’ve 6 performance cores, equals 12 performance threads.

10 worker threads + one main thread and one to spare, so you have some overhead.

The E cores should handle any chaff you’ve got running in the background.

Try it out and let us know!

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As they literally wrote: “this value may vary depending on your unique set-up, so we recommend to experiment with what works for you”

  • So, experiment what makes it stable for YOU

wrong thread

My suggestion (worked for me and fixed most of my performance issues) set your worker thread to the number of the physical cores that your processor has. So if you have 8 cores and 16 threads, just set it to 8 cores.


Hey guys,
I changed from a Ryzen 5 1600 to a Ryzen 5 5500 and from a GT970 to a RX 6650 XT.
The launcher only shows 4 worker threads maximum. The selctor ends at 4 threads max.
The same after re-install.

What to do?

Thanks in advance!

After the latest update : 1.0.326
I have a 3900x with 12 pysical / 24 Threads… (and a 3080 )

Why is the game blocked at 22 threads ?

You can set the affinity on the launcher, it will then apply to the game on launch.

I’ve done this on my 5950x and noticed much improved smoothness.

Worker threads should still be set because affinities don’t affect how many votes the launcher sees.

For sure. I was asking about the affinity because of issues with the multi CCX 3000 ryzens.

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Hi there,

when you say “worker threads should still be set”, what exactly did you mean, and how did you enforce the affinities? Thanks!

I’m personally using process lasso to auto set affinities, but you can do it through task manager on the details tab.

If you’ve set the affinity you should set worker threads in the launcher settings to the same or less.

9700k with 3090ti (win 11) … anything other than 1 we get crashes mid missions, every time. Any ideas why this is happening? How to fix?
Our 10700k with 4090 (win 10) doesn’t have this issue.

I have a 5600X and a 4080 and crash a few times a day. My buddy has a 5900X and 3080 Ti and doesn’t crash at all.

Have you tried turning down the ragdoll to 3, and disabling interactive bodies (i don’t remember what the correct name for this is, but it’s down at the bottom of graphics as a yes/no)

I have a 5800x and 6900xt and don’t really have any crash beside the rare bird.
I also upped my worker thread from default 13 to 15 and things actually felt smoother since.

Good luck to all those who have issues, patience is key here, having the game stable for most is in their top priorities.
PC environment is complex.

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Optimal # of threads for an ancient i7 4790k?

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